S7 Battery Drain With Oreo Update

Hello.  Recently updated my S7 to Oreo and am experiencing severe battery drain.  A full charge only lasts about 5 hours, which is a significant decrease since the upgrade.  I've seen a few threads online where suggesting this is a bug with Oreo, but have not found a solution.  Thoughts or suggestions to fix this?  Thank you!


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Ideally they should. In the off-chance they don't, we'd like folks to make sure it's not coming from 3rd party apps by using the phone without them temporarily.

As mentioned in my previous posts, we haven't been getting reports of this being a known issue. What we've determined is this is likely coming from 3rd party apps that haven't been updated to work as well with the new software. We recommend uninstalling 3rd party apps temporarily and testing out the battery life. Any updates to the app will come from the individual developers. You'll want to allow some time for these updates as this will usually happen gradually after updating to a new device OS. You can also check out our Tips to save battery life page for some additional settings to check. Thank you.

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Here's my experience with ANY battery drain:

  • If it is happening immediately after an OS update, it's probably one of your apps not happy with something.  The first thing is to make sure all your apps are up to date.  If that doesn't work, try factory resetting (FR).  There's something weird that happens with apps and some think they're still on an old OS version and it causes battery problems.  Sometimes clearing the cache/data on the apps works, but doing it one at a time is a huge trial and error when you don't always know what's eating your battery, so a FR is generally more efficient.  If a FR and reinstall of all your apps doesn't work, do a FR and install a couple apps a day until you find the problem app.  Then, you'll have to contact the app developer to see if they realize there's an issue.
  • If it is happening and nothing's changed (to your knowledge), check your accounts.  I recently had battery drain going on a couple weeks on my device.  I initially attributed it to being in a conference room from sun up to sun down and not having immediate access to my charging cable.  During something unrelated, I learned my Subsonic setup at home had lost my account.  That meant my phone kept trying to log in and was failing.  Nothing was notifying me of such.
  • Check signal strength.  This generally is a consistent drain even with new devices.  When I'm home, I have great battery life, but when I would visit family in MA, I had horrible battery life in one area of town.  The signal "seemed fine", but it was just on the weak side that area of town because of the mountain.  Usually connecting to WiFi resolves this (it did with my mother).
  • And, I know this still has to be said -- but, please don't use a task killer app.  Android really hates them.  You kill an app, and Android brings it back, you're just using extra cycles that the battery could be using.  This is especially worse when you're using an auto task killer app.

After update last night I factory reset and still have the same issues.

Even location & maps will reboot the phone.

My cell has been unplugged since 10am and is now 12:34p. Battery is 62%.

Prior to oreo it would be 88-91%.

Today I have barely touched my phone compared to normal.

It's obvious T-Mobile did not truly test this update.

It was pushed too soon. Last resort is to factory the phone 3 times and do not restore anything. Not even your email.

If it continues to happen it's officially in the update.

Which it is for most of us.

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This isn't a common issue we are seeing across devices, fortunately, although that doesn't make it something we don't need to address with you. Have you ensured all apps are updated? We do see resource competition and optimization issues in some cases where existing apps don't play nice with an update.

If that doesn't work, we may just need to look at exchanging the device if covered. 😥


I'm having the same issue. Ever since the update my battery is dying super quickly. I went from 100% to 52% in 2 hours and that's only with using twitter and facebook (for about maybe a total of 20 mins together within those 2 hours - no other apps running). I also don't like the changes that have been made. The new app fonts are so tiny and hard to read plus this new right swipe to open the apps page is very annoying. I've had nothing but issues with this new update.

This is actually a fairly common problem that is showing up on a variety of

the Samsung S7 series phones. Just do a Google Search on for it and you'll

find numerous postings all showing extremely rapid battery discharge rates

immediately after T-Mobile pushed out the Android Oreo update onto those


In my case, no other apps have been installed or removed, and nothing was

changed on my part when this update was allowed to install itself. The

Google Play Store app is allowed to automatically perform app updates as

they become available, and there were several that did get updated after

the Oreo update was on my phone, so I'm assuming that if there were new

versions of apps ready to install if/when Oreo was present, then they've

been installed.

There is sluggish performance when doing any of the following: turning on

the display, starting new apps, switching between apps and any time that

the virtual keyboard has to be displayed or hidden.

There is extremely rapid battery discharge going on. I was seeing my

battery go from 100% charge to 10% charge in less than 3 hours, and that's

doing almost nothing with the phone. Normally, with minimal use, I see my

charge drop from 100% to perhaps 77% over the course of 6.5 to 7 hours, and

a mere 35 minutes on the fast charger brings it back to 100% again before I

leave work at the end of the day.

I did go thru the process of shutting off my phone, then holding down the

volume-up, home and power buttons all at the same time until the recovery

boot menu appeared on screen, after which I had it clear the cache

partition and reboot. After that was done, I'm still observing all the

same sluggish performance, but the battery discharge rate is not as bad as

it initially was after the update. However, battery life is still not as

good as it was before the update. Right now, it's been 6 hours since I

took it off the charger at 100% and left for work, and it's down to 71%

charge. It shouldn't have gone below 77% to 78% for another 1 hour and 45


I really don't care if it's T-Mobile's problem with all the bloated crap

that they add to the base Samsung build of Android, or if it's a bug that's

Samsung's fault that wasn't found during software testing, but I need to

have this fixed ASAP. And, just to make this VERY clear... doing a

factory reset and restore isn't an acceptable solution to this problem.

Alternatively, being able to remove Android Oreo and go back to Android

Nougat would be acceptable and perhaps preferable. My phone worked great

with Nougat and had great performance and battery life. As far as I can

tell, for my device, Oreo is unnecessary, unwanted, flawed and makes

undesirable changes to apps and the home screen that I simply do not want.

Yes, I agree with c.a.chopp.ii. If we could go back to the old OS then I would prefer that as well. I'm also noticing the sluggishness and from what I've read, doing a factory reset doesn't help at all.

I agree and can attest that c.a.chopp.ii is absolutely correct. I am word-for-word experiencing the same problems. Battery life dropped overnight after this update. Everything is extremely sluggish and my phone is downright unusable. It was perfectly fine with Nougat. System updates like this SHOULD BE A CHOICE. This should not have been pushed on us.

I just wanted to come here and add my voice to the list of users suffering from this.  I let the phone do it's update and then my battery started dying so much quicker than before.  On top of that I've noticed that when using apps that I used to use without issue (especially the camera) my phone gets incredibly hot.  Tonight I watched my phone go from 45% down to 12% in an hour and a half, and that was with the screen off for half that time. 

There is definitely something going on with the new release.

Oh how I wish I could just install a base version of Android.

I too am experiencing all the problems c.a.chopp.ii outlined.  My phone went from lasting all day, to dying within a matter of hours.  Much warmer than usual, android os unusually high usage when I check the battery usage.

Tmobile, this update sabotaged our phones.  Can you please provide us with a method to remove this update and roll back to nougat?

Same here. My battery life has been very poor due to this update. I have never experienced this issue before. Im calling who ever responsible for this on Tmobile to react please. A lot of folks out there are suffering the same effects and cant voice them maybe on the path to loosing more folks...

Then I think you need to do some research. Not a common issue?

It has been a known issue since the note.

My friend doesn't notice the issue on his note but 2 other people I know with the note have the issue.

In all honesty I would never buy another Samsung or tmobile device. Why? The support and quality is not there anymore.

My wife's honor 7x has been running oreo for a few months with ZERO issues. We also beta tested oreo with honor.

Cheaper phone does everything proper and performs great with a full day use possibly 2.

Seriously I can't even use location on my s7 ever since oreo. The 2nd anything tries to access location it crashes.

Have done everything I can to fix it. And tmobile probably will not release a update for another year. Since everyone knows tmobile is generally the last 1 to provide updates, fixes and security updates.

I am experiencing EXACTLY the same frustrating problems as c.a.chopp.ii and I completely agree that recommending a factory reset and restore is NOT an acceptable "solution". In fact, it is not a solution at all! I have been scouring the web for info and fixes to these issues and time after time moderators are instructing people to try the usual steps (which do not work) and then suggesting a factory reset.  Well, people have tried the factory reset and guess what...IT IS NOT FIXING ANYTHING.  These kind of updates should not be rolled out until they are completely tested and debugged.  Please, please, please give us a way to rollback to Nougat until you fix the mess that is Oreo.

Same thing. Battery draining like crazy.

And yes, what's with the terrible tiny font size?!

So frustrating...I literally can just watch the percentage of remaining battery (displayed at top of screen) just inching down rapidly, even when I am barely using the phone.  I've searched all over the web for solutions and nothing has really had an effect (I have not bothered with a factory reset as most people say it  doesn't help).  I had NO issues with this until that update was done a few days ago.

I talked to a tmobile support members all day yesterday through the DM on twitter and as they suggested pretty much the exact same things.

Make sure all the apps are up to date - did that.

Check to see what is draining the battery - literally only the OS and android system.

Clear cache on apps - tried that.

The thing is that the new update might also be messing with the unlock feature on my phone (I didn't try it before this update because I didn't need it then), and I need it because I live in Canada and need to switch sim cards but my phone keeps telling me that is doesn't recognize the service provider. So my only other option is to do a factory reset to see if that fixes it. My phone doesn't really qualify for an exchange because it's damaged.

Good news for those of you that have no phone damage at all is that you can report this and exchange your phone for a new one that doesn't have issues. You can DM tmobile support and report the issue/damages and they can get it started for you.

Bad news is that for those of you like me (that have a cracked screen or any other form of physical damage), you are out of luck - unless you want to pay the deductible, which for me is $175, for a new phone.

I can't pay that right now so I'm stuck transferring ALL of my phone data/info into the Samsung cloud (which is taking FOREVER) before trying a reset to see if that will fix the issue and help it unlock. I doubt it will help the issues since the update, especially since I've read many a post about it not helping. I think we can only hope that they come out with another update fixing the bugs.

I noticed yesterday that my phone is getting really hot and the response time is super slow. I haven't experienced any crashing apps yet, luckily. My battery is dying like crazy. Even charging, it's taking 5 times as long to charge. It's ridiculous.

The only reason I installed this update is cos the prompt to upgrade would not go away; no choice was given to opt out, and the update in cache was making the phone laggy.

Since battery drain remains high even when the phone is not in use, my guess is the code was sabotaged to not allow the CPU to down clock into low power state,  so battery drain remains high.

Dear Tmobile,

Forcing a sabotaged update like this affects my work heavily, in addition to being a major headache. 

By forcing a sabotaged "update " I suspect there may be a class action suit if this isn't properly addressed.

Works good for me. Getting 5 hours of SOT usually, with moderate to heavy use, Performance is also quicker than on 7.0.

Steps I took:

Factory reset was the first thing i did.

Then, didn’t restore any backups and set it up normally.

Turned off keep mobile data on in developer options.

Made all apps sleep with device maintenance.

Pretty good update.

Agreed, this update has been a major headache:

1) I have 2 GB capped data, and this update download was pushed automatically without my knowledge or permission.  It chewed up my entire month's data in the first week of my cycle.  (by the way my phone is set to manual updates, the OS upgrade does not fall into the category of normal updates obviously)  I've been on the phone two times with T-Mobile and it still seems there is no clear resolution.

2)  I installed the update yesterday against my will, as the stupid prompt would not go away and annoyed me to the point of accepting the install.  Today, my phone went from 58% battery to 1% in a matter of 7 hours; really surprised me because a) I had no data at the time! and b) no apps were running.  I have few apps on my phone and typically charge it once every two days.

Seeing that many people are having the same battery drain and hot phone issue (my phone was very warm this morning) confirms my suspicion about this disaster update.

T-Mobile, you have forced this on me and now the ball is in your court to fix it.  I was happy with my service and phone performance up until July 13th.  Find a way to undo what you did or resolve the issue ASAP.

Over the weekend I did a factory reset like the Tmobile Representatives have all been telling me to do. I did what ddtaylor44 suggested and didn't restore any of my backups and set it up like I would if I had just gotten a new phone. I later restored my backup through Samsung cloud.

The ONLY difference that I have noticed so far is that my battery isn't draining as fast as it did before the reset but it IS still draining faster than before the update.

I'm still getting sluggish reactions.

I just realized this morning that I have to download ALL of my spotify music again and that is going to take forever and since I have no data, I have to wait until I get home to my wifi.

I only did the reset in hopes that it would fix the unlock issue that I'm having with my phone. It didn't.

So now I have to wait until Tech looks into it, which will take a few more days. All the while I'm sitting here with no data and no way to put a new sim card in my phone to get data. They told me that my phone isn't eligible for an exchange because my phone has physical damage, If they aren't able to fix the unlock issue on my phone, with me doing all the steps they have asked of me, then damage or not, I deserve a phone that will unlock.

Now that I'm having all these new issues with the updated OS just makes having this phone super stressful. Can it please go back to the old version where everything worked and I was happy with it?

You need Odin and a good version to restore to prior version.

I would do it but I don't own a computer.

If I had a computer I would be rooting and dumping all tmobile bloatware. And putting a more stable oreo.

The battery drain is driving me insane as is location reboot.

You don't have a computer you say... but you would root your phone if you did??? I'm thinking if you don't have a computer it's got to do with a cost issue maybe??? But yet here you go recommending to people to "root" their phones... which in turn voids every & all warranties on the device! So why would you recommend rooting a device or phone to the average consumer especially one that's already stated they couldn't really afford to pay the $175 deductible on their cracked phone right now or they'd do an exchange on their device.  To you, if you can't afford a computer, then how could you afford to root phones and void all warranties??? I wouldn't ever recommend rooting a phone to anyone especially someone who's paying already monthly for the insurance on their phone obviously if they said they can't even afford their deductible, because why would someone pay for the insurance on their device just to "root" it and void any and all warranties... nobody would do it!



I found this article from Samsung today... haven't checked it out yet but it might have something helpful to you or possibly anyone else in this thread with this issue still. Good luck to all... I'm in the same boat with y'all & feel like we're going down like the Titanic....OR LEFT FEELING FORCED INTO HAVING TO BUY A NEW PHONE...since this isn't the only issue now!!!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US IN THIS BOAT (without any paddles!)! LOL

Not having a computer is choice. I literally have very little use for 1.

I never told anyone to root.

I told them Odin is the only way to go back. Odin has nothing to do with rooting.

I don't have a warranty so your thought of 175 to replace it is useless. Most people don't waste money on extended warranties.

I'm actually debating on spending 170 for another honor 7x.

Which to me is better than a galaxy s7. Perfect fingerprint location along with speed.

And for rooting the only real downfall is the possibility of tripping Knox. You just need to be smart enough not to install garbage apps. And to run security checks etc. The s7 is the only android device that I didn't root from day 1. My s5 I rooted a year later due to being out of country. I tripped knox with 0 issues.

Only thing in your reply I agree with is don't root without knowing the pros and cons.

But to everyone else amazon has the honor 7x at a 30 off. And the only con about the phone for me is the lack of quality cases. Such as a unicorn beetle.

I'm done replying unless it will be worth while.

The tips about battery drain is a joke for what we are going thru.

It's a bug in the code.

As for my location issue I haven't bothered debugging it yet. I just don't use it. And use it on the honor 7x instead.

Yes, I too am experiencing the severe battery drain since the forced update. I am very upset that "they" feel as though not enough people are having the issue. I am just commenting to add more names to problem, in hopes that T-mobile will take this seriously and help force a fix!!!

Same here. And there's a whole host of other problems like it saying my SD card is corrupted making me reboot and then it comes back on. And Go SMS Pro doesn't have individualized text tones anymore. It defaults to system notification tone. I'm so mad and there's nothing I can do. This update was forced on me and it ruined my phone.