S9 and S9+ Android Pie

  • 2 February 2019
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Have anyone recieved the new update?


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The search function is your friend!  T-Mobilw does not release the update.  Samsung does!  Some have speculated it will roll out next week but nothing official has been announced or confirmed by Samsung as to when  the Pie update will be released for TMB U.

Tmobile has yet to get it out of development.. so still waiting on them to finish whatever is holding it up ---- searching is your friend but it's not just Samsung with the problem..According to T-Mobile the Android 9.0 Pie update is currently in “Development” phase, where the company optimizes the software before its bug testing. Once the bug testing reaches to “Complete” status, it indicates that carrier can start the rollout anytime soon.

OK, how this works is if you bought your device From T-Mobile, you have to wait in this order:

1st) the device manufacturer (in this case Samsung) makes any changes that they want to the Android OS to suite their needs, from there when Samsung releases it, it will go to all of the Bought directly from Samsung unlocked phones.  Now please understand, just because you bought it outright from T-Mobile and now have it unlocked, it is not the same model device, while the specs will be the same, certain software aspects are not.  (in T-Mobile's case, the direct from Samsung phones will not support their WiFi calling since that is a T-Mobile feature)

2nd) After the manufacturer has finished releasing to their unlocked phones, they provide the ROM to T-Mobile and or help them in implementing the customization that are particular to the devices you have bought directly from T-Mobile.   Simple things like the T-Mobile splash screen and the baked in T-Mobile app that can not be uninstalled (or disabled anymore), to the more advanced things like WiFi calling support and the other integrated feature of Multi-line support with DIGITS.  There are probably another dozen or so specific tweaks that T-Mobile does to their ROM since they are offering more integrated features directly in the device instead of using APPS. 

If they went over to the App model instead of baking in all of these features, it could bring WiFi-calling to the Unlocked devices that currently can't use it.  While there is a 3rd party DIGITS app that let's you use it that way, it does seem to work a little better when integrated with the OS.  (Integrated Power-saving features that would force close the DIGITS app for using power)

As for the WiFi calling feature, they probably cannot make a reliable app, nor want to for possible security issues.

I hope this clears up some of the reasoning as to why it takes T-Mobile a little longer (sometimes months, since they really cannot start until Samsung gets done first) to release their ROM for their devices.  By no account do I like it anymore than you that it takes longer for them to release it, but there is not much that we can do about it, especially if you are 1 of the ones that rely on the WiFi calling feature.

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Good question. As mentioned before, it's currently in development. You'll want to keep an eye on our Community-2444 page for the latest info on this software.

No update insight.. just feeling embarrassed that Sprint beat Tmobile  to the punch.. ok I see Verizon and AT&T Beating  Tmobile to the punch but Sprint and the baby of the all Xfinity. WOW well I guess it is what it is. 

Hopefully Tmobile  will step there game up seeing so many of there customers not pleased.. who knows

       I hope tmobile pays you to make stupid comments like this

Flattery get you no where..buddy

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We understand folks are eager to get the update. I'm on a weekly call with the folks on the software team and I give them updates on what our users are saying here. I can't promise an instant change with how quickly software will roll out as we do have a testing process we go through prior to rolling it out. But, we do take the feedback we get on this message board and get it to the right folks involved to help improve our processes.

My main concern is being on the beta version I do not get security updates.   I don't really want to go back to oreo, but I also don't want to compromise my phone

it's a shame that does not add anything to update their samsung galaxy devices, while a little-known network was first to update their devices samsung galaxy s9, s9 plus, note 9, instead is advertised that is the fastest in the country, but it is only paper not reality

I really want this update so I can update my apps to work on pie, I make apps for playstore. But I can wait for perfection. I'm not complaining because usually it's a year before Samsung updates so this it's technically early! Take your time, do it right the first time. Go T-Mobile!

Well as of now Tmobile is showing that it's on the "Completed" phase.

It is supposedly approved and released, but I have not gotten the update (yet)....

"Phase: Completed

The software has been approved to launch and is now available. When it's ready for you, your device will provide a notification that the update is available and how to download it." Samsung Galaxy S9+: Update to Android 9.0

Holding Breath!

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That's right! It's now available for S9 and S9+ users. You may not get it immediately as it'll be staggered from 2/10-2/20.

You would think beta participants would get preference

..are these staggered dates you are giving accurate?

They are accurate. I read the same thing on the T-Mobile announcement page. I also read that very few phones are getting the update today, from tmo news. Somewhere between now and the 20th we will get it. I am in Florida and no one here that I know has gotten it yet. I'm not sure how they roll it out.

Does anyone know when the update comes out in Texas?

I am in FL as well.... I'm hitting the update button every hour on the hour, lol. 😀

It's a coin flip......

Is note 9 being updated as well with android pie today?

Any news on Android pie for note 9 is it going to be updated as well today

Seems to be by build number, and right now S9 phones with build number G960USQU3CSAB and S9+ phones with build number G965USQU3CSAB have gotten it. Would be great if they told us when each build numbers would get the update.

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The Note isn't set to release today. Last, I checked, we were rolling it out towards the middle of the month. We'll keep the Note 9's dedicated page updated and if that changes, I'll let you know.

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Usually you if the update is approved Samsung will let you get it via smart switch without having to wait for the IMEI stagger.  Most all major updates are staggered so it doesn't 1) kill the servers and make it so slow no one can actually get it 2) if it turns out there is an issue with the update it doesn't brick everyone's phone all at once and they can halt the update. 

While it is cool to get the update sooner than later being first is not always the best.  A few years back there was an updated and TMO was like 3rd in line but I believe it was AT&T and Sprint got it first and it was bricking phones so on the previously announced day TMO was to get it, it was held off and TMO ended up being the first to get the upgrade v.2 that didn't kill phones.