Samsung BOGO denied

  • 30 March 2021
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My husband and I have been shopping around to upgrade our phones for over a year now and T-Mobile had a promotional offer of buying phones outright and receiving a rebate of VISA card for $720 after submission. 

The offer was through a rep at Costco and we were shown what to do how to submit with printed copies of our receipts and highlighted portions of how to submit. super simple. I'm an engineer how hard can it be. Wellll, I went through the steps waited 2 weeks as it stated may take up to 8 and logged in to see bold capital letters DENIED.. reason: transaction date not valid for promotion... excuse me promo dates 2/13/2021 - 4/1/2021... my purchase date totalling $2100 3/13/2021.. am I losing it that falls right smack in the middle of the promo! I also wanted to add our rep had to call all over CT to see which warehouse had the phone in stock as our location was not one of the chosen, he found one over an hour a way. we hauled to get there. If we ordered them offer not valid! well...

Called the hotline waited 45 mins even though was told 5 minute wait time... nothing I'm looking to go back to AT&T without a blink of an eye if this isnt resolved...  then again I cant seem to get a human on the phone!  this is poor execution on a promo and poor customer service!  I left T-Mobile 10 years ago and about to break up with it again! 

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