Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE Band 12 compatibility

  • 25 September 2014
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Hello Team,


     My question is very straight forward, and to the point: does the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 support LTE Band 12 connectivity? i see on the T-Mobile pre-order page Band 12 is not listed however on the AT&T Wireless pre-order page their device is compatible with LTE Band 12


Thanks in advance for your assistance


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Yes it is ..... found a post that had a retail packaging picture showing band 12


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I wish I knew. I second that question.

Yes it is ..... found a post that had a retail packaging picture showing band 12


Thank you @dholakianivid, that picture is very helpful

perfect !

so a side Question, Does the Note 4 support all of the LTE bands that T-Mobile is currently building? because I love my Note 4 and just want to make sure that I will not need a change soon to get the new LTE they are building.... Reason, they are building right now in my home city, seen them working on the towers and Once in a while LTE pop up for a little while then disappear.

LTE will pop up just because of the Band 4 LTE which is their main LTE band.  I am in the outer suburbs of Atlanta and my tower was just upgraded a few months ago from Edge to LTE and like you mentioned it popped up and down for a few weeks before staying on.

From what I have heard is some of the newer devices while they have the hardware for Band 12 it hasn't been turned on and will require an OTA once Band 12 is officially turned on in the markets that they have 700 spectrum.  My understanding is that the reason it is not activated in the devices is that some fine tuning may be required and until it is live it won't be activated on the devices. 

Now which devices have the "hardware" that supports Band 12 and will just need the OTA that unfortunately will be a mystery and probably will be until they start releasing updates.  I would assume this because they don't want to promise something then find out that they can't "tune" it and make it work and face a lawsuit like Motorola did on the CliqXT

So does this information in the picture below mean that I am connected to band 2 with a 5Mhz bandwidth? I am trying to learn how to tell. And I think this is right.

Well I can't add a picture this thing has it blocked out.

Well good thing about a note 4 I can smart select from a picture. So this is what the engineering screen shows.



MCC-MNC: 310-260, TAC: 41984

Earfcn: 1075, PCI: 364

RSRP:-100 RSRQ:-11 sNR: 8.0

CA-Not Config





TMSI: Ox6f7d21 a4


IMEI Certi: PASS, 1



FYI when I am on hspa+ this is what is on the engineering section.


RRC: DCH, Band: 4

PLMN: 310-260

RX: 2037 Rl:-80 CID: 8353b7

TX: 1812 Eclo:-2 RSCP:-82

L1: DCH PSC: 54 DRX: 128

Tx Pwr: 12 CQl. O Sam: O


AMR-WB 12.65 kbit/s


therm. 98 LNA O

SIBTS Received

PA STATE: 2 (EPT), HDET: 339


IMEI Certi. PASS, 1



Yes I would say that is Band 2 5x5.  My understanding is most of T-Mobile's LTE is band 4 (1700) but that they have a few markets that use band 2 (1900).  Not sure for the reason but my WAG is it has to do with available spectrum is some markets although it does seem weird that the HSPA+ is running on 1900 which typically runs on 1700 so it shows they have spectrum in that band unless it is some kind of roaming deal on the 1700 HSPA+. 

My wife just got the Note 4 and sure enough it shows band 12 on the box so I would assume it will once they turn it on but again my understanding is that while the hardware may support band 12 it will still require an OTA before it will actually work on band 12 since they are still testing/installing the equipment and the frequencies will have to be "tuned" to whatever the final parameters are once they are ready to turn it on live.

I am starting to think they are trying to switch the LTE and HSPA bands.  Because this week, using the data on my phone is unbearable. Sometimes the LTE signal will give me data, sometimes I have to turn off the LTE and use the HSPA signal.  Also in areas that I could normally get 10+Mbps on HSPA, it has dropped to 1-2Mbps. And the LTE is still running very slow.  The fastest LTE so far that I have seen was 5Mbps. I have no clue what is going on but I just hope they get it going good soon.

Here in ATL LTE is all 1700 (band 4) and is 20x20, my understanding was

they were trying to move all GSM/HSPA to 1900 with LTE running band 2, 4

and 12 and eventually running them LTE A

I hope they are doing the switch then,  because that would explain the trouble I have been having. Get through this rough period to get better service is my hope.

Nice Box with all the Bands listed by actual Bands not just frequencies.

Apologies in advance to all for a slightly Off Topic Post.

My Factory Unlocked Galaxy Alpha  850M has all these frequencies and includes 700 LTE but does NOT have Bands listed only frequencies ( except AWS listed).

Running well on Metro/ Tmo and very similar functionally to Note 4 menus , dialer etc.

Question is - can unlocked phone get Band 12 LTE on TMo  or would this only be on Carrier Branded Devices?

Question 2- how can I tell if the 700 Band is actually Band 12- Samsung does not know- they just make them lol....OK there are 6 people at Samsung who know but no one knows who they are ....

Remember on Tmobile there is 1700 LTE Band ( also known as AWS)

And there is also a WCDMA Band 1700 HSPA + band when 1900 Band is weak or not available.

I have seen all three of these in the Service Menu on My Alpha 850M ( BYOD).

The 1700 Band LTE and 1700 Band HSPA+ are two different things.

They make it really ambiguous and confusing ( especially the 700 LTE Band- there's a whole bunch of Bands within that

700 megahertz frequency...

Eventually the Mysteries of ALL the Bands ,Channels, frequencies will be understood along with whether we are alone in the Universe.

Tip for SETI -check 700 megahertz for Aliens- everyone uses it for something.... by Ookla - My Results.    Not about having band 12 but holy cow this is faster than my home internet,4573 this looks like even version model will work?

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CDMA no.

GSM no. Reason I say this as you need a specific model and not the general model specs as they aggregate app the specs in one.

This is all so confusing to me!

I'm not stupid just really having a hard time with all this reading. Sorry to complain, but I normally pick up tech. stuff very fast, wither it's screen or just vision issues this is daunting....
I've done so much homework trying to find a larger phone to use while I'm out, I use it more for a pda than phone, but need it in emergencies, so the connection is important.
I'm in a rural area, so I'm betting very light lte, and none of the phones I've found that will do what I want in a pda, have the 700 listed in specs.
Another post gave me information on the note 4 so I looked up the bands and it still doesn't seem to help. I had selected the moto x pure, and it didn't connect as well as my s4mini duos, and it doesn't have the samsung contacts or calendar (which allow me to send "group" invites from my events calendar)
So back to samsung as it's the only one I know I can use that feature in.
But Now I'm stuck on bands to get in my rural area...
I guess I'll have to check the map?
or is there another location / link that will show me what I need in my area?
I'm looking and thinking I may have to go back to ATT.....

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You have to look at specific models. I will tell you now though most Samsung will work but you will not get band 12 unless it's a T-Mobile branded phone.

well that helps some...
to add fuel to the fire, I've been made aware that tmo no longer has service or partnership in my area (for now)
so I hate to get a tmo branded phone if another will work better on UG att, but want something I can switch back to if and when they decide to pick Montrose Pa back up.
tough decision on my end as it appears att is the same way, more or better service if branded that way...If I used it more often I'd have known earlier, but wish tmo would have sent us notice they lost contracts or partnerships...
The girls that help mom out got boosters in Susquehanna area, but not for Montrose area... where they work and need it more as they work for invalids and for emergencies they have nothing.

I use mine more for a pda, but when I have an emergency for the same reason as the girls... we have nothing but land lines to use and over 20 miles to a tmo service area now.
I'll hope to say on and keep up with things so if they pick our area back up I can jump back on.
Maybe a new thread to find out if they have plans to pick us back up and when??

Well what I can see from your area you would definitely want the Note 4 versus the 3 or at least a phone that is specifically Band 12 capable since it appears T-Mobile just acquired Band 12 in that part of PA/NY.  When I look at the coverage map there are a few spots around Montrose that would probably get signal outside on Band 12 probably since Montrose is within about 15 miles of a different Band 12 license that looks to be live and rolling out already and as mentioned Band 12 signal carries significantly farther than T-Mobile's other bands.  That may be why the "partner" networks discontinued their contracts since T-Mobile while not live does have native spectrum in that market now and other cell companies generally hate roaming agreements but have to on fair and reasonable terms per the FCC if a carrier doesn't have native coverage in what is called a LAC (coverage area).

Here is the news on the Band 12 spectrum that Montrose is included in;

Leased area available for network deployment since March 2016 except for WHSU-CD exclusion zone (green circle). To expedite deployment of the network T-Mobile leased the spectrum till the closing of the purchase which will happened after the end of the 600 MHz auction due to the "quiet" period. Spectrum Gateway expects the network to be deployed in Q3-Q4 2016

Once question is do you have internet (i.e. cable/DSL) at home?  If so and you are a post paid customer T-Mobile will give you a device that you plug into your internet and essentially becomes a mini cell tower at your house but you have to have internet for that to work. Second remember that even if you have no signal and you need to dial 911 it will use any available signal the phone supports to make that call. Last thing is AT&T really doesn't have any specific features that you would lose by using a T-Mobile phone on their network since they don't have a lot of the advanced features T-Mobile does yet but you would lose a lot of features the other way around using an AT&T phone on T-Mobile.

Thank you!

I did find the quarter info but means ot won't work until likely at least July. So I will get att prepaid until they get things going again. 

I really appreciate all the help, more than you can imagine. 

Thanks again!