Samsung Galaxy S20 esim

  • 18 February 2020
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All of the Samsung Galaxy S20 models support esim, but apparently t-Mobile does not currently support this hardware on Galaxy S20 phones.  When does t-Mobile expect to provide support for esim on Galaxy S20 phones?

24 replies

I guess this would be the same case as Pixel.  Pixel Esim is not officially supported by tmobile.  But I've been using it since Pixel 3A came out.

just follow the directions in some Reddit to activate.

Actually, the Pixel 4 is now officially supported

I am beyond annoyed! The rep I ordered the phone from ensured me that esim was supported and available on this phone and that is the only reason I purchased it as I need to use 2 numbers on 1 phone and they did away with multiline on other phones. I now have a really expensive paperweight/camera because this phone doesn't do what I need it to do. Wasted 2 hours in a store last night as per the instructions of the rep I purchased it from, to go to the store for them to activate the esim.....T Mobile needs to get this fixed ASAP! Digits is ridiculous with all the permissions they require!

Esim is supposed to be activated by sofware update by Samsung in a few weeks....once it's updated, just use the directions we used for Pixel 3A to get Esim going on tmobile even if it's not officially supported.

Thanks for the info!

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What is  your source (that it will work after an update) on that?  If it is Samsung chat people, they have no idea what they are talking about.

Having eSIM was important to me, so I had two chat sessions (pre-sale) on the Samsung website to confirm it had an eSIM.  Both chat reps said if my carrier supported it would work on the phone.  I chatted twice because I know they are frequently wrong, do I figured I'd double check.

I couldn't find the eSIM menu when I got the phone, and wasted time troubleshooting with Samsung support - sent them multiple screen shots as they requested, they finally said that it does not work now, but will in the future with a software update.  I asked for a link to something in writing that would confirm this, and they did not have it.  When I asked when it would be working, they said they couldn't "speculate."

Given the total ignorance of the Samsung reps, unless you saw something authoritative in writing that they would update to allow eSIM use, I wouldn't count on it.

I returned mine.

Many people seem to be confused about this. First off, T-Mobile DOES SUPPORT eSim on the Galaxy Z Flip. Actually, it supports any eSim enabled phone even though it says it doesn't. The problem you are having with the Z Flip is that the Flip that Samsung released in the U.S. has a firmware that has the eSIM disabled. The eSim hardware is on the phone and there is an IMEI for it, but on the software level it is disabled -- you will see that it is grayed out under About Phone and there is no option under SIM Manager to add a provider.

The only operator that Samsung partnered with for the Z Flip is AT&T and AT&T does not support the Flip for eSim, thus the unique firmware. Even though Samsung sells the phone as unlocked it is only unlocked for the physical sim. It will work on any provider but not for eSim.

If you want to get a Z Flip running on an eSim with T-Mobile you need to buy a Flip from a different country; the Singapore, Australia, Philippines, U.K., and other countries do have both the Physical and eSim hardware enabled on the software level. Make sure the model number is not SM-F700U "U" stands for United States. Get a flip with model number SM-F700x -- the SM-F700F model is one of the Flips that has both the physical and eSim enabled.

Hope that clears out the confusion.

I completely agree.. All the models which have 'U' does not support eSIM, take for example the Galaxy Fold I have. The eSIM is software disabled.. Sad Indeed.

Hey, T-Mobile, Is eSIM part of the software update I just received notification about? I couldn't care less a bout a camera update, I need the eSIM function!

Does T-mobile ever respond to these?

I upgraded to the S20 Ultra because it was supposed to be Esim compatible. I confirmed with Samsung and T-mobile multiple times. They said yes they ARE Esim compatible. Once I received my phones I called to set it up and no one knew what I was talking about. Calling Samsung back they confirmed that the phones are eSim but, T-Mobile needs to activate it on their network.

When Is this going to happen? Digits is terrible and does not work half of the time.

I feel your pain!!! Yes, Tmobile responded but it was very canned and "I'm

sorry the info you were given is incorrect. We don't know when eSim will

be available." Total BS. It was the same type of crappy response regarding

the DIGITS issues.

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The problem with "customer service" or "customer care" with techie stuff (not just Tmobile, any consumer electronics company) is that if your question is at all out of the ordinary, they don't know the answer but will just make one up.  So, you have a 50/50 chance or less of getting a correct answer.

The actual state of affairs re eSIM with the US version of the S20 - it does not presently have eSIM functionality.  It is not a question of the carriers activating something on their network.  There is no place in the Samsung S20 menu system to enter the eSIM number or to use a QR code from the carrier. 

If you look at this tutorial for adding an eSIM to an S20, you will see that you don't have the proper menu/submenu.   This is because the S20s in the rest of the world have the ESIM functionality, but the US ones do not.

There have been reports of people being told by Samsung support reps that the eSIM functionality on the US S20s will be enabled by Samsung with a software update.  But, AFAIK, there is nothing official in writing from Samsung on this subject.    If eSIM functionality is important to you, you should return the phone and get a Pixel or an iPhone. 


In my experience, all the models of Samsung which end with U or U1 do not support eSIM. Will it be updated by a software patch by Samsung? There is no ETA officially.

Samsung customer care always says the galaxy models support eSIM. I bought a fold to realise my eSIM is disabled, I had no other option but to keep using it, just hoping the day will come soon and I will get an update for the activation of eSIM.

rnisf - I have talked with Samsung Engineer directly. The phone has its own software and the cellular providers have their software within the phone.

per the Engineer -ALL S20 models have the capability to run eSim. It is the carrier that is restricting it.

For example the fold has two official models in the US, F900U (at&t, T-mobile etc) and F900U1 (Samsung unlocked version) the eSIM is disabled in both the models. The Galaxy models have the hardware and necessary stuff to support the eSIM, but all the models which ends with U or U1 (U stands for USA) have the functionality disabled.. Not sure who has actually disabled it, the carrier(U version) or the OEM (U1 version) both have this functionality disabled.

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Sorry - what you were told by Samsung is nonsense.

But, if you don't believe me - go to  Spend $3 on a 7 day 1 GB US data plan.  Airalo will give you a QR code which can be used to add the plan you just purchased to any eSIM enabled phone.  But, you will not be able to scan the QR code to add the plan because that menu is missing - the menu that is shown here: .

Or go to Reddit and search for S20 eSIM and you will find a number of threads lamenting that the S20 does not support eSIM in the US models, but does in non-North American models. The lack of eSIM functionality (missing menu) is also the case with the unlocked model sold by Samsung, so it's not just a question of Tmobile providing the update. 

Bottom line is if eSIM is essential to someone, they should not get an S20 because the functionality may never be enable.  If you have one already, you should return it.

If you like the phone and are OK with never having eSIM functionality, then keep the phone.

That is also what Samsung told me over the phone. The capability to use

eSim will be within an update rolled out by the carrier and they did not

have a timeline to share with me as to when Tmobile will be doing that.

T-mobile verified that info however, they don't know when they'll roll out

the update.

From the Samsung website:

*Most Samsung phones support dual SIM functionality. The Galaxy S20 contain an eSIM inside the phone that can be used as the second SIM. The eSIM that is included on these devices is not currently supported in the United States.

The eSim Capability is there. It is not currently supported. Both Samsung and TMobile have said that it will be.The question is when will it be supported.

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Do you have a link to the website that you reference above?  When I bought my S20, I searched all over and could find no info from Samsung on the eSIM in the US mode S20.

Does anyone have an update?

I guess no update on this front. It's been more than two months now since galaxy s20 was released. Very disappointing that neither Samsung nor T mobile has said anything about this esim feature on the s20. Hopefully something is in the works behind the scene.

Unfortunately, this was the same story I was given two years ago about the eSim on a S9+ and it turned out to be just BS as it never happened.  I too confirmed before spending a $1000 on a new S20+5G that it had eSim only to be scammed again.  Shame on me.  We should all return our phones and let T-Mobile/Samsung be stuck with 1000’s of used units and maybe they will join the 21st century.  If you wait for the update, you could be dead before it arrives (i.e. never).  If it was actually coming, they could give you a firm date.  They can’t, so the lie is what they give you to get you off the phone (and they throw in 10-20 apologies for good measure).  I’m going to stop buying Samsung fridges, TVs and especially phones!!

I have been scammed by Samsung for the second time and I have decided not to buy any Samsung products going forward

This issue sure isn't going anywhere. Seems only the Pixel and Apple phones support a physical Sim and esim dual number one device capability