Samsung galaxy S20 G5 verus Iphone

  • 31 July 2020
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correct :   Samsung galaxy S20 G5 versus Iphone


I am using the S20 for a month now and I am pretty satisfied, but my friend is big fan of I phone , however for all the android and Iphone users out there , which one do you think its better ??

To be honest I think some of the platforms out there don’t work to good with Android (like IG) , is it me or do some of the platforms with Android not working well ??

send your opinions please 

3 replies

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all depends on the user..if you are used to Androids then jumping to an IPhone will be a bit rough...and vise versa…


if you are like most there will be a certain thing you are used to doing with an Android phone that you wont be able to with an IPhone and it’ll drive you nuts lol.

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iPhones are for people don’t want to do much customization or adjust settings to exactly what they want, “Just make it work!” Android people are far more particular about how their phones behave, adjusting settings all the time and Googling how to get what they want out of their phones. An iPhoner will usually take their phone into the store to switch to a new iPhone and let the associate transfer their data. Most Android fans will want to transfer their data themselves. Basically, if you’re not too fussy about how your phone works and “just want it to work”, you’re probably more of an iPhone fan. If you want your phone to conform to you in particular and it drives you nuts when it won’t, you’re probably an Android fan. :relaxed:


Full disclosure: Android fan who has to deal with iPhone fans in the rest of the family (all my immediate family are Android fans).

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Thanks for the opinions