Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 software update

  • 25 October 2021
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Both October and November security patches for Android are now out.  Why is this device still not updated yet?

1 reply

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Your phone from T-Mo that gets over the air updates isnt actually using the patches from Google.

Surprisingly, it isnt even using the one from Samsung, at least not directly.


Essentially it looks something like this:

AOSP → Distribution Image → OEM / Model Customization → Carrier Image / Branding


The update that you and I get is the SUM of EVERY step in the process.  If the OEM stops customizing the image and releasing them, the updates stop.  Most of the time if the carrier gets the image, they put it in the pipeline from an engineering team and we get it a few weeks later.

What often happens is that the OEM will do a customization and then ask downstream carriers to embargo for a certain date.  That way carriers which are more efficient at art/app installs onto the image or patch package or relevant test cycles can hold on so most of the ecosystem sees them go out over the air in a general window of time.

So the answer to your question is: most of the time from the AOSP distribution, the OEM and carrier cycle is minimum 4 to 6 weeks, and sometimes can be as long as 3 months for older models which are further down the OEM and Carrier priority lists to get engineering and testing resources.