Samsung note 8

After yesterdays update i have notice my phone is getting really hot while using it. Is this normal??

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Same here noticed overheating also the camera is lousy also have you noticed apps crash too? T mobiles resolution is update all apps?? Ya right their system updates killed the note 8 since Oreo last April 1st. Just a way to make us buy something newer, but not working with me.

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A phone getting warm is normal but it should never get so hot that you can't hold it. After updates, we do recommend backing up your phone and doing a reset so that the phone has a fresh start with the new update.

You can also try a Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy Note8 first to see if that helps.

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Good morning, @magenta4834212​!

Chris made a few super helpful suggestions. Were you able to follow the steps and wipe your cache or reset your device? If so, is your phone still getting hot? Or have you noticed any improvement?

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Have you given the steps Chris left in his post a shot? Please keep us updated on how your phone's working. Thank you.