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I have a similar issue here, however the details of my issue is this; I have a Samsung RugbyIII (SGH A997) unlocked phone, several actually.  All phones had worked fine in the past with AT&T Go Phones, I could just swap Sim cards from one phone to another with no problem as all phones were the same type and all unlocked phones, I switched over to T-Mobile about a year or so ago and when first inserted Sim card from T-Mobile to these phones all worked fine, never had any problem. I recently had an issue with one of my phones that did not want to power down properly, the back light display would stay on, so I removed the battery and Sim card and SD card and placed into one of my other phones all worked fine then a day or two later I switched the Sim card and SD card back to the original phone, still no problem. Now suddenly this phone started giving me the messages "phone not allowed #mm6 and Sim not provisioned #mm2", and comes up saying emergency calls only when trying to make a call.  I have even tried going back to the other phone with the Sim and get the same thing.  Everything was working fine till yesterday, first day I had this issue.

T-Mobile phone support has been of no help with this issue.  I will be visiting a T-Mobile store today to try and get some help with this.

I will follow up with any information I get on this issue.


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Welcome, @blackdawg​! I just wanted to leave a note here explaining that I came across this post while auditing our Other Android content. I noticed a Wearables discussion that was misplaced, and then saw that you'd posted a question about a phone on that thread. I'll link to the original here: Samsung gear s 'MM#6' phone not allowed​, but I wanted to move your comment to its own thread so that it's more visible, in the hopes that our Community members might see it and have some ideas about what's happening with your device! Please keep us posted on how things go in the store.

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Stopped by T-Mobile store and spent about an hour with them working on the issue with no resolve, they suggested the problem was with AT&T due to the phone being an AT&T phone, even though the phone was unlocked from the AT&T network. After talking with AT&T tech support I had them check the IEMI numbers for two of these Samsung phones and they said neither were showing up as locked to their network, Pointing the issue back to T-Mobile.  In my opinion I am believing that T-Mobile had locked these phones from their network due to them not being T-Mobile phones, but they are not willing to admit that, they just want me to buy new T-Mobile phones. 

Anyways I will be back on the phone with T-Mobile tech support today, to see what they can resolve on this issue.

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It doesn't sound like the phone is locked to me. Where are you located? I show the Rugby A997 as a flip phone with quad-band GSM and UMTS 850, 1900 & 2100 (bands 5, 2 & 1), No LTE. If you are in a market (like NYC) where T-Mobile recently reorganized their spectrum and moved UMTS to band 4 (AWS), your phone could be struggling to operate on a very thin GSM layer.  There have been a lot of issues, of late, from customers in NYC metro area who have older and BYOD phones.

I'm in Tulsa, the phone is not struggling to operate, it just will not work on the T-Mobile network where it did work a few days ago, now no service.

Well, now after getting off the phone with T-Mobile, here is what they have told me, they have upgraded their networks in this area to only allow phones which work on the LTE network, and have dropped all phones using the 3G and 4G. Expecting me to upgrade my phone or no service, they are dropping me as a customer.

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OK, If you don't want to get new phones, you can always port your service to Cricket or another AT&T MVNO.  T-Mobile is charging into the future and not worrying a lot about legacy technology.  They are offering some credits for people who have to upgrade their phones because of technology changes.

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@blackdawgthat's rough knowing that this seems to have happened at random. Have you ever used a T-Mobile branded phone to see if the service improves? I'd just like to see if it could be something service related. Please let us know. Thanks.

Not sure what you mean by random, it was more like just happening suddenly, they gave no warning to let people know that they needed to upgrade there phones to stay on their network. No advance notice and no time frame for phasing out the old phones.  I have still been out of service since Monday, so one week so far with no service and may be almost another week before I can get me a newer phone. Not to mention the frustration I have been going through all week between AT&T (as it is an AT&T phone) and with T-Mobile and with Samsung with no resolve.

This has just been a rather rude service for T-Mobile to treat customers this way.

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It's possible that they might have been able to do something to detect and warn the users of phones that would have issues following the upgrade but in reality it would not be all that easy. T-Mobile doesn't necessarily know the makes and models of BYODs. They probably should have better prepared their CSRs to answer calls from affected customers. 

Hey everyone.

I know this thread was a year ago but the same thing happened to me today. (10/03/18) However, my phone is a galaxy note 8 which should have no problem supporting LTE. what can I do about it?

I'm visiting Tmobil tomorrow but in the meantime IDK what to expect.