Samsung S20 - Mic Icon missing from Samsung Keyboard

  • 10 March 2020
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I hope someone can help or find the setting. On previous devices i was able to have a Mic icon to the left of my space bar. This button allowed me to switch to voice to txt easy and also get to my smiley faces faster. Can anyone help me get it back.


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7 replies

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Samsung hides their Settings well.  Have you checked Settings, General Management, Language and Input, On-Screen Keyboard, Samsung Keyboard, Keyboard Layout and Feedback?

SwiftKey from the Play Store, which is what I use, has an option right in the SwiftKey Settings, Rich Input.

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Samsung moved it into the keyboard toolbar or you have to hit the keyboard icon on the navigation and switch to the voice to text keyboard.

Tidbit of info - Swiftkey is Samsung keyboard or rather Swiftkey makes "licensed" version of their keyboard that OEMs can use.

Thank you! the setting tool bar is for the birds I will try SwiftKey

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literally right there.

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You dont have to download a third party app. Simply go to the setting and select: General management>language and input>onscreen keyboard. Select Samsung keyboard and you'll see and option: style and layout. From there turn the KEYBOARD TOOLBAR on. OR select the tiny keyboard on the bottom of your screen, select the setting button and turn the toolbar on from there.

Just turn the Keyboard Toolbar on. Search your phone with the search bar on your screen. Type: keyboard toolbar, or style and layout. From there just switch the tool bar on. Your normal toolbar with icons will appear and remain there.