Samsung S20 ultra October sm-988u1..... Where is the Update?

  • 18 October 2020
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Loyal Tmo supporter here. Why hasn’t TMo released an update for October 2020 for the unlocked version of the unlocked version of the Samsung S20 ultra. There have been several for the TMo branded S20 Ultra’s. As of today you released another update 10/17/20. I have looked several times on my phone and on under firmware

3 replies

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An update will be released when Samsung releases it.  If anything, be thankful you haven't gotten an update recently.  The quality of Samsung's updates over the past few months have caused more problems than they have fixed.  


I don't believe it.

If you follow, under firmware tab, you will see that Samsung HAS released several updates for 988u1/unlocked version S20 Ultra(for every other major and minor carrier). 

When you search sm-988u which is the US version  S20 Ultra locked to carrier, every carrier has receivee at least one version of the update.

Tmobile HAS released its latest version on October 17th for 988-u. It looks like there have been 2 to 3 updates since September.  

Can I ask why there is a delay? Sprint, Verizon,, AT&T, Comcast, Cspire and many others  all have it..

When can I expect it?  Why is Tmobile last to the table? I dont want to be forced into the beta version Android 11

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Updates are staggered, especially due to Samsung’s incompetence to release an update lately that isn’t plagued with serious issues.  Add in the merger and all of that mess, you can’t expect there to not be any delays.  T-Mobile has always been pretty much last when it comes to getting updates from OEM’s.  Just because they have merged with Sprint, doesn’t mean that is going to improve.  The U1 is a non-carrier firmware device and the latest firmware available for it is, G988U1UES1BTIG.  You could always download and install that firmware locally, if your device hasn’t updated.  This wouldn’t be the first or last time that Samsung’s updating software wasn’t detecting an update being available.