Samsung S21 5G incoming calls on the car system

  • 3 July 2022
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My wife Samsung S21 5G is paired with her car system. She had forgotten her phone and had an incoming call while driving, she was able to receive the call in the car but not able to communicate with the other party as they were not able to hear my wife speak. Does my wife need to have her S21 phone in the car (2018 Toyota RAV4 Limited AWD) so she can talk with the other person? We have never used cellular-smart phone before with an automobile system so this is very new to us.


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Yes.  If the phone is out of distance of the cars Bluetooth connection it won't work.


Thank you Gramps28. I figured that maybe was the issue. Just strange that the Toyota RAV4 system was able to obtain the incoming Ring - alert and was able pick up. My wife was able to hear her sister but unable to reply since the Samsung S21 phone was not in close proximity as she left the phone at home. Too many gadgets/ electronic gizmos these days. I don’t use GPS, I use Google Map or MapQuest where I want to go. Now if they could only place a 24 inch screen on the dashboard I would be able to use the vehicles GPS Navigation. Everyone forgotten how to use a Road Atlas / Map and a compass. I’ve been to places all around this world and managed to get there and back without GPS. 

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