Samsung S8+ Android 9 Update

This last update (that just recently installed on my phone last week as i'd been avoiding it) is completely terrible.

The text in the settings menus and in contact edits are black on my already dark screen theme of choice making everything barely visible, it messed with the icons, the fonts on the keyboard, and the arrangement of many of their apps in which I use (like notepad, and alarm).  The clock is now off to the left corner instead of center which I dislike.  The camera functions are moved around and new ones were added which is very disorienting and irritating, even if I just want to take a simple freaking picture it has to attempt now to do all this fancy stuff that I don't want.  

Its been completely disorienting and feels like an invasion of my freedom to choose how I want my phone to look and act.  This should of been optional.

I do not appreciate having these new display changes forced upon me.  I would like my phone to return to the way it was.

It also messed with my notification settings and I've been missing texts since then.  The new large alarm dismiss button that's larger than life doesn't even freaking work at all until you've pressed it 20 to 30 times. 

This was a really stupid update and totally not necessary.  Samsung, what the hell?

Where is the undo button?


Best answer by syaoran 16 April 2019, 04:36

You might want to direct your complaints to Samsung then. 

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You might want to direct your complaints to Samsung then. 

The Samsung UI One is designed by... Samsung.

The camera app will take a little adjusting. If you dislike the theme, Nova Launcher is the best bet to change those settings.

I believe that you can flash back to Oreo.