Samsung S8 won't send mms to iPhones

  • 2 October 2020
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Is anyone having trouble sending mms to iPhones? I’ve tried sending gifs and pics to iPhone users and the wheel just spins and after a min I get a failed notification. I can send text messages just fine. I’ve tested with 5 different iPhone users. Android users receive all messages perfectly fine. I’ve cleared my cache, cleared memory, deleted the majority of my texts, restarted my phone several times and nothing has helped. I’ve tried sending it while on 4G and on Wi-Fi.  I installed the latest system update this morning, but I’ve been having trouble sending gifs to iPhones for a couple weeks now. I thought the update would’s worse… now I can’t send pics. But I can receive pics from iPhones. HELP!

1 reply

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Have you tried using Android Messages to rule out whether it is the Samsung Messages app?  If another messaging app has the same issue.  It is probably Apple’s system rejecting the images due to really small size limits for media on Apple’s iMessage.