Scam Shield: Duplicate notifications

  • 9 December 2021
  • 5 replies


I've noticed lately most scam shield notifications have been showing a number more than once (between 3 and 6 per call blocked)

Is this a bug with notifications, or is it a DDoS Attack from their call centers?


5 replies

 Hey T-Mobile to get around Scam Shield some are using a simplified Distributed Denial of Service attack, DDoS on phones. They’re simply trying to overload the app by having up to 15 logical phones dial a number. Heads up

Just got hit with 24 calls with the same number and scam shield blocked them all. I just can’t figure out why they spend that much time and effort to call me when I’m not going to fall for their idiotic calls.

Oh, and thank you t-mobile 

I don’t think it’s a ddos attack, they’re trying to evade DND on phones. Users will set their phones to not ring from an unknown number, but often have it ring if the same number calls more than X times (for emergencies). Plus I think they’re using multiple voip providers to try to avoid being detected as spoofed/spam calls. You’ll see them use the same number through the day and sometimes Scam Shield doesn’t recognize it as spam. I get probably 30-40 calls a day, most get blocked, but probably 10% don’t.

This is ridiculous! I’ve been experiencing 5-9 multiple “scam likely” calls per minute for some weeks now. But today I got a log report of 101 blocked calls from the same number within 2 minutes!  Now these may actually be individual calls, but I don’t need 102 lines in the log. I would much prefer a single line like “Scam Likely (102)       2:13 PM”  to report such multiple consecutive calls blocked.