SERIOUS delay with receiving texts, and not receiving calls Galaxy S6

I've been having a serious delay with receiving texts on my galaxy s6 device. When the texts do come in they come in all at once 30 minutes, to hours after they were sent to me. The texts pile in with duplicates as well. I've also received voicemail without my phone ringing at all.

Signal strength is not a problem as I have full bars at all times.


I've already gone through the process of going through support to get this issue "resolved."

I called last Friday about the issue, and was told the problem takes at worst up to 72 hours to resolve.

After numerous more calls to support I was told it would be fixed by Thursday.

I've already done factory reset on my phone, deleted all the text messages, had the sim reset.

Another fix which has been suggested is for me to get my phone traded in as a manufacturer defect.

The problem with that is I would receive a REFURBISHED phone in return for my phone that I bought new and paid off.

I would expect nothing less than to receive a brand new phone.


The frustration level from missing important phone calls and not getting texts in a timely manner is off the charts.

T-mobile has done nothing to tell me what is going on and I am losing patience.


I do not want another generic response, I want a detailed response of what the problem is and how you are going to fix it.

Thank you.

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Jonny, I have had the same problems with the addition of not being able to use call forwarding for around a month.

Filed 7 seperate 72 hour tickets     No resolutions

T-Mobile agrees to send me refurbished phone     upon upgrading to newest software same issue

T-Mobile agrees to send another refurbished phone     don't upgrade software for 5 days and it runs great on the 6th day I upgrade software to newest version and all the problems show up.

I have sent both of the refurbished phones back and still have my original S6 that was purchased on March 28th, 2015.

The problem is clearly software baseband version. Prior to receiving the 2 additional S6's I performed 3 master resets, replaced sim card, ran my sim in my old Iphone 6 for a week without issue, have 6 lines at the house and all other  phones other than S6 work perfectly. 2 Days ago T-Mobile finally acknowledged to me that they have an issue with the latest software for the S6. Hope this helps

I'm in the process of having a refurbished phone sent now.

Not really thrilled about the idea of it.

Thanks for your response though.

The tmobile customer support people all kept assuring me that the s6 is a great phone, the one they use themselves, and theirs has never had any issues like this.

I was starting to feel like I was the only one having these same problems.

I agree that it is a software issue with the phone.

A phone that has software issues with the most basic of functions, IS NOT a good phone.

On top of the issue, I was told that a phone would be sent to me overnight.

Turns out they sent it ground shipping to me.

Another thing the tmobile customer support employee assured me is that samsung will replace brand new devices for this issue.

The thing is, when I call samsung they said all they can do is have me send my phone to them for repair at best.

Under no circumstances does samsung send out brand new phones as replacements.

Tmobile is giving their customers misinformation.

I'm having all these issues to.  Happened right after a T Mobile update.  Now, I've only been with T Mobile of 3 months and the phone Galaxy S6 the same.  I've also have done a reset etc.  Has any one found out anything else about this?


  1. 1) The most serious issue is the phone intermittently does not receive incoming calls and fails to log the call as missed
  2. 2) Both voicemails and text lag terribly and could take as long as 4 hours to appear
  3. 3) My download speed on 4G LTE decreased from around 30 MGB’s to 10 MGB’s using Ookla
  4. 4) Lost the ability to setup call forwarding


  1. 1) Purchased Galaxy S6 March 28, 2015, operated phone without issue until sometime after September 26, 2015 or close proximity
  2. 2) Attempted 3 master resets on phone in an attempt to resolve issue; ran phone in safe mode; ran phone in WIFI calling only on my Personal CellSpot; none of these steps helped at all
  3. 3) Called T-Mobile tech support numerous times and was given a different reason for the issue each and every time I spoke with a new tech, probably the most frustrating part of this issue
  4. 4) Tech support informs me they are having no issues with the newest released software and agrees to send me a replacement phone. Upon receiving replacement phone and updating it from (LMY47X.G920TUVU2COF8) to the newest software and baseband version (LMY47X.G920TUVU3D0I1) I experienced all of the same issues
  5. 5) After several days of trying to convince T-Mobile tech support that they do have a problem with the newest software version they finally agreed to send me an additional replacement Galaxy S6 replacement phone
  6. 6) Received replacement S6 on Friday afternoon running LMY47X.G920TUVU2COF8. I tested the phone Friday – Tuesday running the factory installed software; however, Tuesday evening I upgraded the software to LMY47X.G920TUVU3D0I1 and again, on my third Galaxy S6, the same problems appeared
  7. 7) Called T-Mobile tech support for probably the 20th time and told my story again but this time armed with my 3rd phone with same problem. How tech support could not see that the issue was in their software is just amazing to me. After a couple of more very heated discussions with tech support a manager said they have no known issues but there is an “immerging” issue regarding calls not going thru to the S6 but that the only solution would be for him to send me another replacement S6 and for me not to update the software
  8. 8) As I knew it was and is a software issue I had no choice but to agree to this resolution as I could not live with a phone that was not receiving all of the call made to it
  9. 9) My 4th Galaxy S6 showed up in the mail yesterday running the original software LMY47X.G920TUVU2COF8 and is operating trouble free


Request replacement phone and do not update software until they (T-Mobile) come out with a fix to the catastrophic bug in software version LMY47X.G920TUVU3D0I1

T-Mobile your tech support is in dire need of leadership, shameful what you are making your customers endure

Got the "like new" phone in the mail. There is a constant annoying notification on at all times that says update postponed if you choose to not do the tmobile update. Is there a way to get rid of that notification?

Jonny did the new phone with Baseband Version ending in F8 solve your issues as it did mine. And yes, I have the same annoying notification urging me to update with newest software. Obviously I won't as my phone is once again performing as it should.

All the issues seem to be much better running baseband version G920TUVU2COF8.

The problem I have with all of this is this was 100% tmobile's fault because it was a tmobile update that ruined the phone.

I had been experiencing issues for a while before I even noticed the problem.

Makes me wonder how many calls I didn't get notifications for, and how many people are upset at me thinking i've been ignoring them.

It's not normal or acceptable to have to go through all my contacts and message every person telling them oh by the way my brand new 800$ phone wasn't receiving or making calls properly, sorry I wasn't ignoring you.

If someone messaged me saying that I would just assume the person ignored me then later felt bad about it and apologized.

Tmobile had the audacity to steer me towards samsung for pursuit of a new phone, when it was a TMOBILE update that ruined proper functionality of the phone.

I have been supposed to receive a call from a supervisor regarding this issue but they haven't contacted me yet.

I won't hold my breath as tmobile doesn't seem to care.

I agreed with you all!  I started noticing the problem after the latest update and then I started seeing the problem with both S6 and S6 edge with this problem.  I just received a new SIM and it took more than a week instead of a couple days per the tech support personal.  Right now, I do not even bother to change the SIM which is not going to fix the problem and I do not want to get a refurbish phone which I bought the phone new.  This is a no win situation for the customer from T-Mobile unless they actually accept the problem and really fixing it.  It is EXTREMELY frustrating to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile and encountering this type of basic service problem.  I have never expected and very disappointing with T-Mobile!

Note: The problem is also occurred with S6 edge...  I am still puzzling which should have a lot of people seeing this problem by now with the S6 and S6 edge phone updated...  T-Mobile should have enough evidence to point to the problem with the software update with added RCS and video call...  I am pointing to the RCS causing the problem which is being added to the updated...

All of these posts,


and not one response from a tmobile employee........

Not sure which is worse, no response, or the blatant lies when they do respond.

Same situation here.

Losing about 90% of incoming calls with baseband G920TUVU3D0I1. Technical support is no help at any level, say they are stumped and RMA the device.

Thanks to "camppossvw",  I finally found a temporary quick workaround for the S6 and S6 edge not getting SMS and incoming call.  I followed the advice with the radio disable using LTE (set network using WCDMA/GSM without the LTE)and both of the S6 phones are able to receive and send SMS without problem and the incoming call is working too.  I tested this temporary work around for the last 3 days and it is still working for us .  The only down side is the data speed is no longer LTE and it is only running at 4G only.  We are paying 4G LTE speed and can only use 4G to have basic workable phone functionality...  Please also use the following reference to the Canadian phone company which already has a fix to fix this problem and it is going to release on this coming Monday 11-16.  I would really like the T-Mobile support team to check and find out about the fix and implement to the T-Mobile phone.  This is the link:

Rogers to release fix for problematic Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update on November 16 |

We need to have @tmo_mike_c to notify the tech-support team to help resolve this problem.

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Thanks @chung_c1‌!!!

I'm going to lock this chat down and keep the updates in the link below to keep everyone on the same thread. Thanks!