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  • 8 January 2016
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since buying phone at T Mobile Store I have had many issues. I will address one minor issue that I miss since I went directly to T-Mobile Store and they said the problem was the SIM card originally installed. they replaced it. Great. one feature I use and cannot access now is the shortcut accessibility where there appears a floating icon on any screen to access certain features very quickly. One being screenshots which I use often. Any advice on how I can get that accessibility or floating icon on any screen back. I will address other issues, I guess, at a tmobile store again. Thank you very much if you can help.

4 replies

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Did you used to have a Note before? I don't remember LG ever having a floating shortcut.

it was not a note, but a larger size grayish icon that appeared on any screen when phone was unlocked. You could move it around the borders so not to be in the way of one of your icons. there were several shortcuts to choose, but the one I always used was the screenshot option which is extremely useful to me. Not having that I don't know how to create a screenshot. I am a first time user of this Avenue of help, but I have become very familiar with the settings.thank you for any advise you can provide.

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I don't remember seeing that on my Stylo when I had it. Did you try and check the user manual?

sorry, I misunderstood about having A Note prior. No, I had a moto G that was free for signing up with Sprint. paid $30 for one gigabyte and never even the whole gigabyte during a cycle. it may be because of upgrades, but I will certainly look back at the user manual. oh, I quickly learned one trick when you buy a new phone. and that is to disallow most background data on most apps when not necessary. Thank you so much for replying to me.