SIM from an IPHONE with VERIZON to be used in a GALAXY S7 purchased in TMOBILE

  • 16 January 2018
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I purchased a Galaxy S7 at TMOBILE. Device is already unlocked.


I have an Iphone with Verizon and I would like swap that sim card to my S7 device.


I already tried to do the switch but my S7 shows nothing.


Is there any problem with compatibility trying to switch from an IPHONE sim card into a S7 device?. Plesse let me know.

6 replies

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If the GSM s7 will work on cdma Verizon you might still have to set up the APN settings. You'd need to contact Verizon about that.

Now, if you have TMobile service you need a T-Mobile SIM.

thanks for your reply.

I already went to Verizon and explained my situation, they configured the APN settings already.

They mentioned that a SIM card of an IPHONE is not the same as a SIM card for a galaxy. Is this true?. They look identical.

They provided a new sim card, and told me I need to activate the new card to my unlocked S7.

All this looks weird to me.

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A nano SIM is a nano SIM is the same size however with Verizon they typically like to change out the SIM card when you bring a device from another carrier to then which makes sense. So I'm glad Verizon got your phone to work best of luck.

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Hi there!

Looks like you got some helpful info from snn555. I'm just checking in to see if you still had any other questions and if you were able to get your phone working. Please let us know. Thanks!

I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy from Verizon.

About 5 people told me that since the SIM was from an IPHONE, it will not

work in an android. When I got my S7 from Verizon and I inserted the Iphone

SIM, it worked perfectly.

Bottom line, an unlocked S7 from Tmobile, won't work with Verizon.

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If the SIM cards are the same size and on the same carrier you can use it in a phone where it requires the same size SIM however you cannot use a Verizon sim in a T-Mobile phone with T-Mobile service nor vice versa.

Also note that the Galaxy S7 on Verizon is different than T-Mobile version as T-Mobile does not have CDMA technology and is gsm whereas Verizon does not use GSM.