sim network unlock pin

  • 10 April 2014
  • 3 replies

hi am new i got a t mobile gift to me and am trying to put a at&t sim card in it but i need a sim network unlock pin idk if that is the phone is lock or the siom card is lock plz help me

3 replies

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You have to meet T-Mobile's minimum requirement to request a SIM unlock code.

Hi, me too I have a Motorolla M611 Cliq2 requesting sim network unlock pin, can someone please help me

This problem of "sim network unlock pin" is really very frustrating. I understand your problem and you can easily solve this problem on your motorolla m611 or even in any android phone but i don't know how please tell me also if anyone know this.

I need to unlock my sim card how do I get the pin number please.   sharron,czorny@yahoo,ca

I thought I set the sim pin so I tried to change it but locked it now I can't do anything unless I take it out idk what to do