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  • 20 December 2017
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Is the Alcatel A30 Tablet in stock?

12/17/17 Customer service rep says the Alcatel A30 tablet is in stock but says i could avoid paying shipping if i go to a store and i can walk out of the     store with an activated device the same very day.

12/18/17 Store Manager says they are out of stock in their store, but they are in stock online. They will credit my account $7 dollars to cover shipping cost and I will receive the device by mail in a few days.

12/19/17 Customer service rep says my Alcatel A30 Tablet is on backorder, they are out of stock.

12/19/17 T-Force says the Alcatel A30 Tablet is out of stock and my order is on backorder.

12/20/17 Customer Service rep says the Alcatel A30 Tablet is in stock.

The Alcatel A30


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I don't know if Tmobile still does this but they use to have different stock for new and existing


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(continuation) Although the Alcatel A30 Tablet is in stock, my device order remains on back order 😢.

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Hey, @barcodeable!

Long time no chat! That's a bummer to hear about your tablet order status. 😥 I wish I had the ability to look up inventory status and provide more insight of what's going on. As to why they're both providing different status', I don't know why that's happening. Without having account access, I can't be sure when the Alcatel A30 will be in stock.

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Alcatel A30 TABLET 8-inch | Price, Specs & More | T-Mobile

I click on that link (from t-Mobile) webpage and it says it's in-stock.

I have taken an educated guess that my order is on backorder because I am attempting to purchase the "This One on us" Alcatel Tablet....  My order has been backdated to accommodate other customers that are purchasing this particular tablet outright during this holiday season. When I call customer service, im told my order is processing and will stay that way till they get more Alcatel A30's in stock. But when I call up customer service as if Im paying for the tablet in full im told its in stock and ready to 😕

Im sure the moment this Alcatel A30 Promo deal ends, I will get an email from T-Mobile telling me there was a problem with my order and they are sorry. And due to the deadline of this promo it is no longer available. 😕

And i dislike when a customer service representative cannot help me with my current problem but is very eager to assist me with other issues I may .... then I get thrown a survey


I really wish you were able to see what was going on and were able to give me a direct response because nobody else has.

And if it is out of stock, why does the website display that it's in stock?

@tmo_amanda Have a Merry Christmas 😊

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I don't know if Tmobile still does this but they use to have different stock for new and existing


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THANK you for your post...your answer sounds very plausible, not sure why nobody at T-Mobile informed me of this, if this indeed is their standard practice when it relates to inventory. I always feel like they are keeping some sort of secret from

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@barcodeable , I'm pretty sure @gramps28 hit the nail on the head. While I'm not 100% sure this is the case, I do know we do the same for pre-ordered/newly launched devices.

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The Alcatel A30 i ordered on the "This one's on us" promo has been shipped (finally). I am expected to receive it Wednesda. I checked and noticed it's nolonger being offered as a free tablet on the T-Mobile website. So basically T-Mobile waited till the promotion had ended before they shipped the devices.

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@barcodeable​, I thought of getting one, just because it was free. I decided not too because I went back and forth with the CSR's over the SIM charge.

I have so many extra sims, I didn't want to pay for another one. Do you know if they charged you for a sim card. @tmo_amanda question, I have 8 lines of service, why am I prevented from browsing Tablet/wearable's online?  At some point I may want to upgrade my Samsung Tab S 10.1 and my Samsung gear S.   

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Technically I was charged for the simcard when I visited the T-Mobile store. But, the day prior to that, I called the customer service line to order the free tablet and was encouraged to go Instore to avoid shipping charges. I explained they will upcharge me for a simcard, so the representative added a $20 credit to cover the upcharge the store will impose on me. (The next day) @ the store I was charged the $20 upcharge and due to them being out of stock of the tablet they added $7.99 credit to my account and ordered one to be shipped to my house 😉.

So actually I only payed $7.23 in taxes for the tablet 😉. NO SHIPPING & NO UPCHARGE 😉

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I have 5 voice lines and 5 Mobile Internet Lines... I noticed I am capable of upgrading all of my voicelines if i wanted to, but as for my mobile internet lines --> there is a notation to contact customer care to upgrade. Not sure why that is the case, because November 2016 I upgraded 2 of my mobile internet lines online with no help from a rep. But after the T-Mobile One was unleashed then there was change, and now for sone reason I need help to upgrade. I think, this is a way for them to advertise the "T-Mobile One Plan" to you and "help you" save money on your bill.

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Lol thanks, Barcodeable,  yea there is no way I'm coming off my current plan. I'm in the same boat I can upgrade or shall I say, make changes to my plan features online same way you did. I can't look an pricing options for tablets/wearable's, I may wait for the next round of  smart watch promos, I like the look of the gear S compared to S2/S3, not having LTE on my watch makes having my wearable line useless and I do have a bone to pick with TMO about that granted it only cost me $60 a year for the line but I can't use it due to TMO no longer supporting the BAND's it TX/RX on. I do think TMO should offer us discounted upgrades due the device not working on network because the signal bands have been repurposed. .

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@barcodeable, I'm happy to hear that it's finally on its way. I find it interesting that it shipped almost immediately after the promo was over.

@nelfar212, that's a good question. Believe it or not, I have the same issue.  I don't believe it's due to your account status or anything like that. If I had to take a guess, it's probably just My T-Mobile acting up. I recommend having T-Force or CARE file a ticket with our Engineers on your behalf to have them see why you can't "shop" for tablets while logged in.