SM-G930F suddenly spotty service - can receive things in Digits, but not on phone

Are there any ongoing issues with this model and T-Mobile's network? I've had this phone since the S7 came out and I've NEVER experienced any issues until about a month ago. Now I'm having very spotty service. I can receive calls, SMS, and MMS, but I don't receive all of them on my phone. I do receive all of them on Digits, so there has to be something going on with the delivery from T-Mobile to my phone via their network.


When I have a group text with friends, I might receive all of the texts, or I might receive half of them, or none of them! The same goes for SMS and calls. Today my phone rang on Digits, but my actual phone didn't ring even though I had four bars of service. I routinely don't get one friends texts on my phone, but I get them in Digits.


I started a case with T-Mobile by calling in and the latest update I got from a voicemail said that "there was something wrong with service to my phone in my area and that the engineering department is working on fixing it". Has anybody else been having these issues? I'm asking on this site because I can never get through to the one T-Mobile rep that was very helpful and started my case. I had to reset my APN about four times with four different people before a rep sent my case to engineering. But, still no useful info back and it's been a week (SLA was quoted at two days).


Phone stats:

  • Model
    • SM-G930F
  • Firmware
    • Latest version of ZTO (so I can use SamsungPay easily)
    • Just updated today, so maybe this fixes it, but we'll see
  • OS
    • Nougat
      • NRD90M
  • Mobile network settings
    • Data roaming
      • On
    • Network mode
      • LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)
    • Network operators
      • T-Mobile
    • APN settings (I deleted all of them except for this one)
      • Name
        • T-Mobile US LTE
      • APN
      • Proxy
        • Not set
      • Port
        • Not set
      • Username
        • Not set
      • Password
        • Not set
      • Server
        • Not set
      • MMSC
      • Multimedia message proxy
        • Not set
      • Multimedia message port
        • Not set
      • MCC
        • 310
      • MNC
        • 260
      • Authentication type
        • Not set
      • APN type
        • default,supl,mms,xcap,hipri,admin,mobile
      • APN protocol
        • IPv4/IPv6
      • APN roaming protocol
        • IPv4/IPv6
      • Turn APN on/off
        • On (grayed out, so I can't change this)
      • Bearer
        • Unspecified
      • Mobile virtual network operator type
        • None
      • Mobile virtual network operator value
        • Not set (grayed out, so I can't change this)

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The G930F has all T-Mobile bands except LTE 66 & 71, which right now should not be an issue. How is it for making and receiving phone calls?

I've only had one problem receiving a call and that was yesterday. The call came through on digits on my desktop (I was at work) but not on my phone. I had three bars of service at my desk. Besides this, I haven't had problems with call connectivity. The call quality has also been good.

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Hey there!

Are you having better luck with DIGITS? I'm curious if you're having trouble with this in specific areas or everywhere you go. Please give us a reply back and let us know how things are going.

Digits is the only way I'm receiving all of my calls, texts, and MMS. I've found that Digits works all the time from my desktop. On my phone, I eventually get all the messages and calls there (through Digits app, of course), but there is a lag even when I'm connected to fast wifi.

I tend to have more problems when I'm at home, but I have noticed a trend that it's more with specific people than where I'm at. If I get a text from a certain friend that has Verizon, I almost never get their text through SMS, but I do get it through Digits - and this is anywhere.

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Okay, thanks for that info. I have a few suggestions. Can you try flipping the phone into Safe mode and testing to see if you can get calls, texts, and MMS through without using DIGITS? That'll let us know if there's something with the device that could be giving you trouble. Another thing worth testing is putting the SIM in another T-Mobile branded device to see if the issues follow. We don't have any known issues specifically with this model in our network but trying the steps above will help us narrow down where this issue is coming from so we can help fix this.

Hey, @starfox8!

I just wanted to swing by to see if you've had the chance to look over Mike's reply. While we're stoked that DIGITS is working well, we want everything else to be up to par, too.

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Hi there! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd been able to test out Safe Mode, or placing the SIM in an alternate phone and seeing how things go! Hope you're doing well -- please let us know the results of those tests when you have a chance!

- Marissa

Sorry for the delay, but I'm working with my phone in safe mode right now. I'll try this for a few days and then get back with the results. I seem to still be having the problem with receiving my friend's texts (he's on Verizon). I only get those through Digits.

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I appreciate you replying back. Thanks for giving that a shot. I also suggest testing the SIM in another device if you can. That'll help us figure out where we need to go with the troubleshooting after that. I look forward to knowing what happens so thanks for keeping us posted.

Things got worse.

  1. No luck with safe mode. I had my friends text me and I still didn't receive them. I knew this because most of the texts showed up on Digits.
  2. From the first point, only some of the texts showed up on Digits. So, not even Digits was working 100%. I didn't receive three SMS messages today on my phone's Digits app and I didn't receive two on any Digits app (phone, computer app, or web browser). I verified that other people were receiving messages from my friends just to make sure, and everything for them was fine.
  3. What do I do now? I was using Digits as my lifeline while I sorted this stuff out and it seems that my backup plan has a flaw.
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Oh what a bummer, but thank you for trying those steps. For the standard SMS issue, you should test out the messaging with your SIM card in another phone to see if you can get messages. Testing out DIGITS on an alternate phone is a good step too. If  these issues are following with the SIM in a different phone, the next step is to file a Trouble Ticket. If it's only happening on the one phone, resetting the device and testing it again will be the next step. Please keep us posted on the results.

I walked in to a T-Mobile store and got a SIM card switch. Since then I've dropped a lot less texts and calls, but I'm still not 100%. The rep at the store said that there were some tower upgrades in my area that may have caused some issues with non-T-Mobile devices. Outside of buying another $700+ phone, I'm going to try this for a while and see how well it works.

Just for other people reading this, I'm now getting all of my MMS and SMS messages after swapping out my SIM card. If you're a user, I suggest pushing any T-Mobile rep to authorize a free swap of the SIM card ASAP. I actually followed their debugging process and I wasted a lot of my time and missed a lot of conversations with friends and family. I initially wanted to swap out my SIM card first, but I played along and got nowhere.