So Long, LG! (LG Leaving The SmartPhone Business)

  • 5 April 2021
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It has been rumored to be coming for weeks now but The Verge has finally got confirmation from LG.  LG has finally given up on the smartphone business!  

LG confirms it’s getting out of the smartphone business - The Verge

Personally, I think LG has been out of touch with what consumers have wanted for quite some time.  Timely updates for devices would have gone a long way, at least in my opinion, instead of LG’s major OS updates being about a half a year behind the slowest competitor.  I thought LG had nailed the V30!  It was super light, looked stylish, the wide-angle camera was something LG was doing before most other manufacturers, and the audio quality output from the device was excellent.  Well, it still is on the V30.  My girlfriend uses my last one as a music player. 

The screen uniformity issues were my only complaint with the device, as someone who went through 6 of them.  What LG was thinking after the V30, I have no idea, but that line went from something nice looking to something that looked like the internals mattered way more than the look and feel of the device.  With some of their other devices, like the Wing…  I’m really not sure what LG was thinking there.  I have a couple of friends that swear by the G-series but LG killed that off a while back. 

Regardless of whether you liked something from LG or not.  Less competition in the smartphone market isn’t a good thing.  

4 replies

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I liked my V30 but the updates were too slow to be rolled out to the phone.

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i have had pretty good luck with their devices over the years..any issues that popped up at least on the  devices i was running were never huge issues..just random pains in the rump.


last rumor i heard was another company was possibly purchasing idea if they still plan on it or what they plan on doing with it after the purchase though.


Sucks. Updates aside their hardware was my favorite and usually problem free. I miss a DAC, headphone jack and expandable memory. Had TMO not been out of stock on the V60 last time I needed to upgrade I would have taken that over this crummy OnePlus 7t I got stuck with. 

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agreed..updates took forever but they always had a pretty solid phone..a bit bummed


very few issues with the V60 so least nothing i cant live with  compared to other manufacturers current issues.