Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Petition

This is a petition to T-Mobile and Mr John.L to bring the Sony Z3 Compact.


This flagship phone has been anticipated for sometime, please do not deny your T-Mobile customers this amazing phone.


Bring this phone to T-Mobile...Please!...

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Please bring the Sony Z3 Compact to T-mobile.  We are all waiting for a high performance compact phone.

I am a t-mobile user ready, but not needing to get a new phone. Please stock the z3 compact and I will upgrade immediately!

I would also like to ask for the Z3 compact, I need a smaller phone that I can use with 1 hand, and so does my sister.  The Z3 compact fits the bill, and would give us both a reason to use our JUMP program.

You shouldn't need to have to buy an iphone to get a smaller screened phone that you can still use with 1 hand and besides, 4 inches is too small for me anyways.  I need something like the 4.3inch Z2 compact or better yet, the 4.7 inch Xperia Z3 Compact.

I'd also like to see the Moto X and/or its successor on T-mobile.  T-mobile has my loyalty for now, but it has every phone BUT the ones I really want.  At this rate, I'll just cancel my JUMP insurance and just pay off my phone, sell it, and then buy a Moto X or Z3 Compact direct.  That's money T-mobile could've gotten off of me.  Both through JUMP and a new phone purchase.

AMEN! Mr John L needs to realize how many people want this particular device. I've been waiting patiently since November of last year for the Z1 compact to come to Tmo, Now there's been a great upgrade in the Z3 compact , im a little more anxious. It's almost an obsession with this phone. Im not even currently a T-Mobile customer, but im switching my carriers the day Mr John Legere comes to  his senses and bring the Z3 compact to T mobile stores. People are more excited about this device than the Xperia Z3. Not everyone wants a gigantic phablet to carry around. Sony says to #DemandGreat well im demanding a Z3 compact to T-mobile.

If phone arena can be believed T Mobile will be getting the phone this fall.


were referring to the Z3 compact, we know the Z3 is coming to t-mobile

We understand that the Z3 will be available in the fall. But  we want a smaller flagship in the Z3 "Compact" not everyone wants to carry around and 5'3 inch phablet. And  not everyone wants tan iphone.  Its a shame that US carriers only offer these huge androids to their consumers. When there are great miniature devices such as the Z3 compact that offers the same specs, if not better specs,  than the big guys.

@Dr. Bob.  Thanks for the article link.  T-Mobile has announce it will offer the Z3 full size, which is what this article states, but there is no announcement on whether or not T-Mobile will offer the Z3-Compact.  Once again, T-Mobile will keep us in the dark.

I am sorry that I did not read the article more carefully.  I googled Sony Z3 Compact/T-Mobile and was too hasty to post link.  Sorry guys.

Yes! Please bring this phone to T-Mobile in the Fall.

This is by far the best phone on the market. Let's open our eyes and look past Apple's hype.

We want 20.7MP camera w/ OIS, waterproof, expandable memory, 2 day battery life all in a true 4.6" frame without excessive bezels.

I just saw this article, T-Mobile Austria to bring z3 compact this fall:

T-Mobile USA, come on guys you got to get this phone.

It's looking a little better.  That's about USD $640 which is somewhat inline with presales on eBay:

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803 Factory Unlocked 20 7MP 4 6" Pick Your Color | eBay

I asked T-Mobile if they will carry the Z3 Compact but my question has not been answered yet:


What do you say, T-Mobile USA?

I ran across this tidbit while thinking about buying an international phone, "In US, there are different mobile data networks, like 2G Edge/GPRS, 3G HSDPA and 3.5G HSDPA plus, even your carrier has 4G network, an international phone will only display as H or H+, not 4G, you will not see "4G" logo on phone."

I don't think thats the case, the Z1 compact worked here pretty well with 4G, check out the Z1 Compact reviews in the USA.

Understood.  I think what it's saying is the display on the phone won't read 4G but instead it will display H or H+ even though it's 4G.  Only on the international version phone.  I can't vouch for it since I haven't seen either U.S. or International phone.  This is were I saw it, under "Network and Features":  Sony Xperia Z1 Compact D5503 4G LTE White 20MP 4 3" 16GB Factory Unlocked Phone 7311271449034 | eBay

I hope T-mobile bring this in, I travel a lot so the wifi calling helps. Otherwise i'll buy it straight off the shelf

Me too.  I giving T-Mobile a until Black Friday.

My wife and I both want the Z3 compact. Please bring this great device to T-Mobile!  Doesn't add much but Youtube video with cursory comparison of Z1 Compact and Z3 Compact from Android Authority.

I really want this phone to come to T-Mobile, It's the real flagship. I will buy this the first day if they decide to implement it.

T-Mobile any comments?

had to make an account for any chance for T-Mobile to bring the compact 😊 i hope they do bring it along with its different colors like the red!

Yes Please T-Mobile!  Bring the Z3 Compact to your customers.
I absolutely love the Sony Xperia line.  However I am not a fan of the larger and larger phone trend.
I enjoy much more compact versions of these fantastic products. 

I would upgrade my current Xperia Z in a heartbeat for a much smaller phone with the same wonderful aspects and performance that I have come to depend on from Sony.

Bring the Z3 Compact to T-Mobile!

Another vote for the Z3 Compact!

My theory: T-Mobile does not want to carry a smaller premium phone to compete with the iPhone.