Sony Xperia Z5 - Bring it on T-Mobile

  • 4 September 2015
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Sony in my opinion offers an incredible phone line up. One of the main reasons I am loyal to T-Mobile is due to Sony. I've had mostly Sony Phones over the years with T-Mobile and I am looking for T-Mobile to carry the latest high end Sony Xperia Z5 with 4K display. With fingerprint sensor on the Power Button and Camera technology like the Alphas series of Cameras.


Please T-Mobile... please carry this phone this Fall or as soon as it comes out.


Mike Fl.


Sony fans out there please let T-Mobile know that you want this phone as well.

37 replies

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I honestly hope they don't. Sony brings a new phone out 6 months at a time they might as well wait for Z6. Which will probably have the 820 instead of the 810.

You hope it's not offered as an option because Sony's release cycle is too short?  Does not compute.  Especially since the Z4 didn't/doesn't exist in the US.  Who knows what, if anything they'll have available in 6 months. 

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Sony has generally always been late to the US market and treating them like second rate. Z3 did have the shortest wait between releases and that was probably thanks to T-Mobile. Even the Z5c is rumored not to come to the North American  market. You can always import if you want it bad enough. I done it with various Xperia devices. Z ultra for example was 8 months between release in Europe and NA models.

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To top it off Z4 was announced so recently and bam Z5c was released. Keep in mind the Z4 technically doesn't exist as they called it the Z3+ in their own country and not the Z4.

No arguing their release/marketing is confusing at best and that they basically thumb their nose @ the US.  The Z5 currently isn't even listed on their US site, only on global & UK, wtf?

Still, if it's a good phone and the bands are is a good option to have.  But ya probably have to order via 3rd party. 

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Samsung did the same with the Note 5 and S6 Edge +. USA has it but EU doesn't.   I think for the Xperia line it's always been Sony marketing that fails them. Not many people if you randomly ask them. Have you tried an Xperia phone? They often respond with what's that? or Who makes that?

Sony needs to stop making phones every 6 months and move to a 1 year and actually push their best instead of makes 10 different phones. 4 phones is enough(5th optional).

Xperia Z5

Xperia Z5 Ultra

Xperia Z5 Compact

Xperia Z5 Tablet

Xperia Z5 Budget (or give it another name. Sub $300 phone optional)

I also would like the Xperia Z5 on T-Mobile. I love my Z3 but I would Jump! the day the Z5 came out. Please make it happen!

I have the Z1s and would love to upgrade to Z5, the camera looks like it is the one to beat now. I know that I can get it outside of t-mobile but would love to get it carrier approved and with fully support for their networks.

This is a huge deal for whatever carrier who picks up the Z5 line-up. Just in terms of being able to market 4K is a big thing, and especially from a carrier standpoint. Too bad Sony has a wobbly relationship with US carriers. I really hope T-mobile picks it up, 'cause the reviews are raving, but still no word. The Sony phones I have had in the past were just remarkable.

If T-mobile refuses to pick up the Z5 line-up, then luckily I am going to Europe in November to pick it up there, since my LG L90 was ruined by LG's 'Lollipop' update (huge fail LG), or I will switch to whatever carrier that picks it up if any.


and after that you will say ohh wait 6 more months for z7 😊   this is an high end phone and great specs. i would definitely buy one and jump to the z6 later on if they will have it.

I'm all in for the Z5. I don't have an issue with their product cycles. Yes I'd wish they would give me more time to hold their top tiered device but that by no means prevents me from wanting their device.

@Johnlegere put the wheels in motion to get these phones. I'm ready to switch from my One+ 1. I'll prepay for the least make it available online.

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Why not just buy it some Sony directly?

Well. Getting it through the carrier allows me to spread the cost of the

device without incurring interest as you would with a credit card purchase.

Relevant for me as I'm not a baller so I don't have that amount of money

available at once.

Actually, I don't have enough time to wait, so I ordered it on Amazon, and I am so happy with my decision even though it was expensive. Anyways Friday is my birthday so...

Actually, reports indicate that it might take a while before we will se the Z6 this time around:

It also makes sense, sense it seems as if they are aiming high with the Z5.

hey jones? so what do you think?? do you love it? i'm considering the same.. ordering an unlocked z5 from uk.. does tmobile insurance cover this phone??

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It does not cover phones bought outside T-Mobile

im not quite sure that is entirely true.. i actually broke my old htc.. and am now on an old iphone (from att) and my insurance actually updated (decreased my monthly payments knowing that the iphone im using now is 5 years old) so it looks like they are covering it.. just not sure how the policy works when it's an international phone..

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T-Mobile sells thar phone... buy a device that was never in T-Mobile line up and your insurance will not cover it. You'll get a letter saying so. I know this because I have insurance and I use various devices and if I have an device like my 1520 I will get a mailing telling me so.

oh, that's unfortunate. 😥 thanks for the heads up!

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No problem. I go through phones like kids go through candy.

Current Assurant wasting get paper on me every time I switch to my Moto X, 1520, Xperia ZL and Ultra.

i would probably do the same.. but then i fall in love with a phone.. and then it's quite impossible to tear it from my hand.. most of the time with age, the upgrades are no longer supported.. so i have to retire a phone... i'm quite in love with this new sony z5.. so im trying to figure out what to do... 😜

im guessing none of your sonys are supported by assurant?

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Nope as T-Mobile never sold those two phones.  The did cover my HTC One M7 and M8 but those were sold my T-Mobile.  They'll just give you a T-Mobile branded version

I absolutely agree! The Sony Xperia line changed everything for me in this tech savvy genera we live in today. I'm pretty much a computer illiterate middle-aged man and in my opinion that's not a bad thing. I'm a fourth generation farmer born on the farm and took over operations from my father as he did from his and so forth. Needless to say computers and video games were not something I was around during my youth and didn't have a lot of experience with. Nowadays it seems everything is associated with some type of electronic device people use just to live day to day. I have always been behind this culture mainly due to plain resentment and a general lack of uncommon ground. Now I'm playing catch up seeing everything I do for a living having go in the same direction as society and social media. Sony's Xperia line has been the most instrumental thing in helping me overcome my electronic illiteracy. Every phone I've owned since my first Xperia (I'm have the z3 now) has been so simple to operate and learn it's functions compared to any other phone I've ever had!  Amazingly easy and also amazingly awesome at the same time! If T Mobile will not carry the Z5 I will be switching to Verizon end of story!!!

Unfortunately, it clearly states online that T-Mobile will not be carrying the Z5. I'm not sure why. With the advertisement that this phone is getting with the James Bond movie, it could finally make a Sony phone be pretty popular.  My opinion, bad move T-Mobile.  Sony has said many times that they want their phones to be more popular in the US market well here is the chance, and they are gonna blow it. Not to mention Nexus/Google is doing the exact same  thing with their new phones. Oh well I guess I'm going from my Z3 to the new LG V10 it's the best choice right now. I wish T-Mobile would change their mind,  like now and I would absolutely get the Z5 oh well maybe they'll carry the Z6 next year.