Spam Calls

  • 14 September 2020
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T-Mobile is advertising less Spam calls - I am actually getting MORE -I have gotten about 5 since I started work this morning.

Do I need to sign up for something?

Please reply via email, or text. 

4 replies

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Most of the people here are customers, just like you and me.  

The Spam thing needs to be turned on from my understanding.  You can do so from within your account.  There is a premium tier though, that isn’t free.  If you want that, you can subscribe to it but both aren’t anything close to a solution to spam.  On or off, I still get the same annoying spam call, telling me my vehicles warranty is expiring soon and they need to get in touch with me.  Well…  I don’t own a vehicle!  :P  They call at least twice a week from different numbers and event different area codes.  

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No big deal, but this is true.


I was on the metro side, for 3  years. I have been with tmobile this past  HAPPY month. but there has been some random, stupid calls i never had before, on all my 4 lines lol….


looking for people I never heard of, random quiet calls and just hangs up. etc etc.


Has slowed down though (using the featured app, by system or none of it active, still didn’t matter.)

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ALSO, remember there are a lot of what we might call SPAM calls that are exempt from the political calls :rolling_eyes: !

I was shocked that after this went into effect that my spam calls dropped to 0 per day. I have gone some time with no calls per day to 10 but I know everyone. Previously I was getting about 20-30 calls per day. I’m excited I can finally answer my phone again.