Streaming music with any app by Bluetooth has micro skipping of music

Does anyone else have micro skips while streaming from Google Play, Spotify,Amazon music... On Bluetooth?

I have tried cache partition clear.

Reset to factory without backup.

Unpaired and paired with 2 different cars and a few Bluetooth speakers.

It's really annoying to work all day with these skips.

I was hoping for an update to fix it. But I just installed the latest security update last night and it's still the same.

I put this phone in a drawer and used another in hopes an update would come out. I don't want to exchange my new phone to get a refurbished one and still have the same issue if it's a software issue.

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I'm experiencing the same.

Hey everyone!

Wow! I'm not sure we were aware this was a problem. It definitely sounds like an update would be required to fix this as @hitherdread has done a ton of troubleshooting already. Let me reach out to my LG contact to see if I can get any additional information. It may take a couple of days to hear back due to the weekend.

Thanks! I do support over at Motorola support forums for years now. I've

tried everything I could do. The replacement has the exact same issue as my

brand new one. Can't use it at work since I rely on Bluetooth music

streaming. It happens with many music apps. I really love the phone but I

can't stand those tiny skips all over, especially when my Moto Z Force and

Nexus 6 don't have this issue at all. They're all in 7.0 as well.

Hopefully there will be a fix. Let me know if you need any information.

Amanda ... sorry for posting OT here but I can't create any topic in the V20 forum LG V20

Two T-Mo Help support persons (Twitter) confirmed this but had no idea what was going on.

Where are all of the discussions?

Why can't I create new topics?

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Hi @hitherdread‌!  I know Amanda's working on this, just wanted to touch base! 
@flashfox‌, I replied to another thread you're active on, but just to summarize in case you didn't see it pop up in your inbox, we've condensed the Discussion spaces in anticipation of a site face-lift - I promise it's not you, it's us!  Rather than a large number of specific spaces, we've got a few general spaces that are easier to follow.  We've also cleaned up quite a few of the older Discussions that were hanging out collecting cobwebs.  We had an Announcement on the main page but it seems we took it down rather hastily!  We definitely weren't intending any mystery here, I'm sorry if you were alarmed.

- Marissa

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I only use Play Music and haven't experienced this issue with any of my Bluetooth devices. Hope y'all find a fix  

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to stop by to let you know that we're still working on this. I hope to have an answer by the end of the week. I'll be sure to update you with any info I receive.

Great, hope to hear there is a fix it something. Hate having a new phone

sit in my drawer while I'm still paying for it.

I hear you, @hitherdread. I hope there's a fix, too. The V20 is such an amazing phone to be hanging out in a drawer. 😥

Happy Friday All!

I'm sorry I haven't had any updates for you. 😥 I truly appreciate each and every one of you being so patient. Our teams are trying to get to the root cause of the problem right now. I'll update you as more info becomes available.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Hopefully you can get them to do something.

I called many times and got absolutely nowhere with them. Just really wish

I could use it as my main phone.

Happy almost Friday, Everyone!

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you for being so patient while we look into this. We are almost certain that a software update is going to be the solution to the problem. I believe the issue is still being investigated but that is the latest update that I have for you.

Thanks for keeping us updated.. Glad to know it's hopefully a software

issue. And I understand software updates take time. If they can confirm it.

I can wait. It will though be nice to use it as my main phone. My Moto Z

Force is a Verizon phone that works good on T-Mobile, but the LG is made

for T-Mobile. I especially miss my wifi calling and reception in buildings.

But my music plays without issue all day..

I hear ya! It's definitely not convenient and being able to use all of the features on the phone you purchased would be a major plus!