Strongest 7 Series OnePlus phone left behind

  • 16 April 2021
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So, I am trying to understand this. We purchased the flagship of the 7 series phones. The fastest, most advanced for the time. Now, the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro receive their Android 11 updates and they are listed as complete on the T-Mobile website, and the update for the T-Mobile exclusive phone is still in development...... I am really hoping someone can help us to understand the logic behind this train of thought.


This is the VERY last exclusive device that I will ever buy from T-Mo. I'd rather have the ability to update when I wish, and when updates are available for international versions, than be at the mercy of "maybe someday you'll get the update that the standard phones have already received."

2 replies

you should not update, the OTA update on the 7Pro is broken and it will screw up the phone, OnePlus had issues since Open Beta 2 and they let it go thru….  I am one of the one that the update did go thru and my phone is having issues...

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as pointed out above..the update that was pushed out to the non TMO variants had a really nice handful of bugs and issues that it brought in.. do you still want it or do you want to wait until its actually fixed?