SVoice Message "No Network Connection, Connect To Network And Try Again"

  • 15 August 2013
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Screenshot listed above. (This forum software really needs to be upgraded!)

On a regular basis, when I'm trying to use SVoice, I get the message shown above - "no network connection, connect to network and try again."  However, it usually occurs AFTER I've already completed whatever it was I wanted to do. Typically , the voice to text portion works, it does the task, then tells me this.

anything I can fix or is it buggy?


Best answer by deskjet7 21 August 2014, 15:45

Turn off wi-fi. You must be connected to the phone network.

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5 replies

Did you by any chance download and install the S-Voice app from the newer Galaxy S4?  If so, simply uninstall the update and that problem will go away.

Not as far as I know.

I'm using a stock phone. I haven't rooted it or anything.

Looking at SVoice in apps, I see version 10.1.  I googled and can't see what the versions are out there.

Then try going to Settings - Application Manager - All, scroll down to S Voice and hit Clear Data and Clear Cache (if applicable).  Then restart the phone and try again. Also, make sure you do not have bluetooth on or trying this via car kit.

Thank you for the suggestion. I had done this.

The issue is intermittent. It will work some times but not all the time. Very frustrating!

Here's what I got this morning.

Turn off wi-fi. You must be connected to the phone network.