T-Mobile Galaxy S7/S7E Bootloader Unlock Petition/Discussion

Dear T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7/S7E users,


I have created this discussion to make a central location for us to discuss unlocking the bootloader on the G-930T/G-935T.


For those who do not know what I am referring to, please read the following email to John Legere from myself:


Good Evening,

I am writing this email to you in hopes that at the executive level, T-Mobile will do right by their customers.

For the past several years, Samsung Galaxy devices on Tmobile have shipped with an unlocked bootloader, allowing T-Mobile users and Android enthusiasts to run (and test)  custom software which helps better the Android community as a whole. For me, this was the one and only reason I left Verizon Wireless years ago, so that I could continue to enjoy my device and test applications freely on  T-Mobile.

This brought thousands of other Verizon and AT&T customers over as well, as we had all believed in John Legere and his "Uncarrier" mission. Sadly, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Tmobile users have lost the ability to OEM unlock their device and have joined the ranks of Verizon and AT&T.


I am writing to you urging you to do right by your customers and unlock the Galaxy S7/Edge. However small the root user community may be, we tend to be the loudest and most passionate Android users in the world. If we cannot unlock our devices through T-Mobile, we will be forced to go elsewhere. This would be a sad day for tmobile considering many of your own employees belong to this community.

I know this cannot be high on the list of action items your team has on their plate, however I urge you to do right by us and do what needs to be done to put this to rest.  Please do not join the ranks of Verizon and AT&T by allowing these devices to be locked down like fort Knox.


Mike D.
T Mobile user
Android Enthusiast

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As of right now, the discussions I have had with the Office of the CEO, are that they are "working with samsung to figure this out."

From what I have gathered, Samsung has screwed this up and locked the devices without T-Mobile knowing this happened. That seems like a rather large mistake/oversight on both parties, and I do not think we should stand here and be told "We are working on it."

Thousands of us switched to T-Mobile for this very reason, to be able to enjoy an unlocked device and test custom software.

Let your voice be heard! The more people to enter this discussion, the more attention it will get.

Spread the word

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Samsung is the one that locked it. Complaining to a company who isn't at fault like they are gets little traction. Hound and pressure Samsung. It'll do more than what you and a bunch of other people are doing now.

I agree that Samsung is at fault here.....but this has affected T-Mobile customers and T-Mobile should have some pretty heavy influence and traction to force the hand of Samsung to fix this.

Samsung will not listen to their users....they never have. I think the only way for us to get through to them is by communicating our frustrations through T-Mobile.

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Ha. T-Mobile does not really have much I the way of power to force them to do anything. They are a small drop in the bucket to the international market that Samsung seeks to.

Well what's better? Doing nothing or trying to do something?

Sure aren't going to get it unlocked by standing around twiddling our thumbs. If Samsung values tmobile business they should have a voice..

I agree. Thanks for speaking up for hundreds maybe thousands of us. I feel like a lot of users actually just upped and left Tmobile and the s7 altogether because of the lack of bootloader unlock option. I was on that side but decided to keep my s7edge because I have other newish devices with root so I'm not without being able to test software and the such, but my s7edge should be in that bunch. I paid a lot of money to be able to do what I'd like with my device. Its not hurting anyone and I fully understand that it voids warranty with manufacturer. That's my choice. I for one have hope that someone will step up and do something for the users because this is a wonderful marriage of a great manufacturing company (Samsung) and a groundbreaking carrier (Tmobile). And I'd hate to have to leave one or the other ..or possibly both. for now I know there are a few options for flagship devices with unlocked bootloaders. But at least those companies are giving their users a choice. Thanks HTC and LG. And especially Google with their nexus devices. I've been a loyal Samsung fan for a long time. In the future this may just have to change. As for my stance on Tmobile. I commend that they are looking into it and I hope that's the truth. I just want clarity. Who actually made a mistake? Did Tmobile forget to ask them to unlock it? Did Samsung insist? Is it going to be like this from now on from either sammy , or Tmo? We just want to know what's going on, so we could know if we should look elsewhere instead of spending hundreds of dollars on something we ultimately do not want. Dissapointing if we never get any info about this serious situation for android enthusiast.

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T-Mobile  since the Amaze has said... We leave everything to the manufacturers to decide what they want to do with their bootloaders..

Out of all bootloaders that are locked on T-Mobile none could explain why T-Mobile would lock them but leave all others unlocked.

For example the Xperia devices. They were the ONLY locked devices(that couldn't be unlocked) on T-Mobile until the S7 family.

HTC 10 is able to be unlocked, and from rumors the T-Mobile G5 is locked but could be unlocked as well. The tool isn't out yet for it yet.

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Hey @bajasurxda I here ya, and thanks for letting us know how you feel. T-Mobile and Samsung are working together on this one. I can't say what the result will be or how long it'll take. We like listening to our customers so thanks for using the forum to share your thoughts.

Thanks @tmo_mike_c

I feel we have a much better chance at getting this handled through the proper channels (tmobile)  rather than a community unlock. 

Are you able to provide any insight into the "working together on this one"  comment? What type of issues are you guys facing from Samsung?

Thank you for participating


I also changed from Verizon to Tmobile based on unlocked phones it sucks that at the moment my s7 edge bootloader can't be unlocked. I hope we have a solution between Sammy and Tmo.

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Out here on support, we don't have the details on how the conversations go. Like most companies, these discussions are kept private. All I can share, is what I've already posted. We'll share more on this as we hear it.

I was very concerned after moving to T-Mobile from AT&T, and purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that I am unable to utilize my phone in my daily business. I have always had Samsung phones, and through T-Mobile, I have always had root on those devices. Now, I am unable to conduct my work for my business. I use many Apps, and programs on my phone that require root access. Without this access, and I am now carrying two phones with me. Without being able to use these Apps, it is costing me clients. I cannot continue to conduct business in this way. If this is the future of Samsung, and T-Mobile... then I regretfully will have to move on.


Thanks for starting this thread for the rest of us.

I have kept my S7 edge in the hopes this will be resolved.

I can really live without the bootloader being unlocked but need root.

This is my 1st smartphone I have not rooted, going back to the Moto Cliq XT ...LOL

T-Mobile Support please help us get this resolved.


Ben Hutson

If samsung screwed up why is there so much T-mobile bloat ware that can't be removed. Anyone else notice it says t-mobile in your browser before it goes to your home page?

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Like all other devices in the world has something people want to remove.

Shoot my imported Z5 Premium has 7 apps I can not remove unless I root and void my warranty.

Samsung locked it down. If it was T-Mobile then why didn't all the OTHER recently released devices don't have a locked bootloader? If it is locked there is an unlock option from the manufacturer.

Yes please! T-Mobile, please give option to unlock bootloader for end-users.

Do not own an S7 or planning to own one but I support this petition. A fully paid device that one owns should not be permanently locked to a specific rom.

HTC is leading this pack, offering high end devices that can be bootloader unlocked using HTCDEV and it even will not void HTC Warranty!

Eagerly waiting to see how HTC 10 will fare in my environment 😊

An unlock bootloader option for the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge would definitely make me purchase the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Else, I will have to get an international variant.

HI Mike,

It's been 6 weeks or so since an update from you, I purchased the S7 2 days ago and am preparing to return it today without an idea of it being unlocked pretty soon. It's so loaded with bloatware that can't be uninstalled I've never seen anything quite like it. Has there been an update to the status? Thanks.

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Hey @jetsports.

I don't have any official word on this yet, but I'm still digging. I understand this is a hot topic for S7 users so I'll do my best to find out more and keep everyone posted here. I can't promise how long it'll take or what the outcome will be, but I'm checking on this. Thanks your patience I'll let you know what I find out.

Just bought the Galaxy S7, and although it's a great phone, I was also really looking forward to playing with new ROM's, etc..


I was originally planning on getting a T-Mobile S7 Edge until I heard about the locked bootloader.   Now,  I am considering the Oneplus 3, Axon 7 or Zenfone 3 Deluxe. 

Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

Hope this is fixed soon.  I also want Multi-User added.

I joined the forum with the sole purpose of chiming in on the unlocked bootloader request... This may very well be my last Samsung Galaxy phone if they don't provide a way to unlock it... I should have investigated this before even upgrading my S6 Edge to the S7... Mike we are all surely hoping you will bear good knews soon...

Would love to be able to unlock my s7 soon!!!! Any news