T-Mobile Galaxy S7/S7E Bootloader Unlock Petition/Discussion

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HI Mike

With this latest news, Samsung Sells Galaxy S7 Phones That Aren't Tied to Carrier - ABC News

do you anticipate a stance change? This tells me that clearly Samsung is NOT the driving factor behind the lockdown, T-Mobile is. I really wish I'd just waited a month to buy this phone, but all new users who want this capability will just go straight to the Mfr and T-Mobile will be left out in the cold.

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That article is apple and oranges, what the article is referring to is the carrier lock which is a completely separate animal than having the bootloader locked. I have a few relatively current devices and all but one are actually unlocked but for instance my Sony Z3 even though it is "carrier unlocked" the bootloader still is locked and that was a decision Sony made not T-Mobile.

That's a good point Steve and I am aware of the difference, but it seems to me that it would be more difficult to sell a locked bootloader device to a customer whose provider does not otherwise have it locked (ie: ATT) and then arrange a method to install that provider's unlocked bootloader onto a locked device, then it would be to simply sell the device unlocked in the first place. Since Samsung is not a major beneficiary of the ad revenues generated by the apps locked into the T-Mobile bootloader (some I know but nothing like T-Mobile is), it also makes less sense for them to push that onto consumes looking for an alternative.

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If you look at the other carrier devices T-Mobile phones have probably the least "bloatware" heck T-Mobile doesn't even stamp there logo on it. They have even started unlocking the FM radio chip in the device and most of the bloatware apps are for services that are specific to T-Mobile (visual vm, hotspot, etc) so they aren't even generating
"ad revenue".  Yes they do carrier lock the device but all that really does is restrict the SIM nothing to do with the OS per se.  Samsung probably generates more revenue than T-Mobile by adding pre-loaded apps like Amazon and etc.

All I can say is I know for a fact that on the Z3 Sony made the decision to lock the bootloader not T-Mobile and that some of my T-Mobile devices don't have locked bootloaders so as mentioned in a previous thread if T-Mobile wanted them locked then you would assume they would all be locked not just some.

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Well looks like Samsung is the ones who locked it down.

They started not sell an unlocked and unbranded version of these phones. Can't unlock the bootloader. There is nothing stopping these other than themselves.

This thread began in March, it is now July.....I really don't think that either T-Mobile nor Samsung care. At the rate that new phones come out they (Mike the T-Mobile rep who keeps responding) are just giving excuses to kill time for the next galaxy s-whatever they release to be released. why would they spend resources fixing the issue on a phone that will be outdated in 4 months.

T-Mobile has always been garbage, I regret joining and look forward to when my phone is paid off so I can change services.

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Just read my last reply.

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@wesk this has been discussed and stated a few times already. The decision to lock the bootloader was made by Samsung and there really isn't much T-Mobile can do about it other than to petition Samsung to allow an unlock.

If this brothers you, blame Samsung not T-Mobile. Who are you going to go to that you think will be different. This phone has a locked bootloader on all other USA variants. The Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon devices are all locked as well. It used to be that only the Verizon and AT&T variants were locked down. This will be the same no matter what carrier you go to. And AT&T and Verizon won't even try.

FYI.....  stay tuned people.... there will be a root for all U.S. variants. And possibly a bootloader unlock. Yesterday Superuser was obtained through adb. They are now going to inject Superuser binary through adb. Whatever man makes, man can crack......

Root is now available for all U.S. variants of the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge. You can find it at Root s7 at&t g930a & g935a | AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7

Very interesting thread. I'm neither a developer nor a Unix guru. I just like having my phone rooted, and I rooted my original Galaxy S, then the S5; never gave a care or concern to any warranty issues. I'm getting the two to three year "itch" for a new phone, and the S7 looked like a good candidate. Now I'm not so sure. My understanding is that the FM chip/software is enabled in the S7, but the locked bootloader is troubling. I'm not of a mind to switch carriers; I've been happy with T-Mo, more so than the 'other guys', and that really doesn't address the issue anyway. It appears to me that Samsung does not like us rooting our phones and will do anything in their techno-power to stop it - kinda like the fruit company in California. Oh well, just my two cents worth of pointless rambling.

The U.S. factory unlocked Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is worth consideration.

The latter variant will most likely be more Developer friendly.

Time will tell.

Where to buy a U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge


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No it will not. The bootloader is still locked and can't be unlocked.

Per a Samsung chat representative, the unlocked U.S. variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge comes with an unlocked bootloader.

Where to buy a U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge


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Source?  From what I have seen when people purchased it said they were locked...  Also if it was unlocked it would be plastered on every news media fandroid site which has NEVER happened.  Sorry to say that rep said it was unlocked based on the sim and not the bootloader.

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Just for reference if you searched for it, and if it did have an unlocked bootloader  as soon as you did a quick search it would be on the 4-5 pages of the search.

S7 Edge bootloader

The Exynos version can be unlocked, but the Qualcomm versions can't except in China.  We don't have either of those and our unlocked version is the same as if you got it from T-Mobile just the sim slot is... unlocked.

I mean XDA(only article about unlocked S7/Edge) still hasn't run a piece saying it is unlocked at all.  Of course it would probably be HUGE news there.  Also getting the Exynos version slows down development as Samsung even when they promised documentation and possibly some source code they have been lacking in that department.  Yes they made this promise when they released the Note 2, but that is long forgotten.

If I could comment; Settings > About Device > Build Number > (press about 10 times) > Press Back > Developer Option in Settings > Unlock OEM > ...... Let me know if that works

My bootloader is unlocked on my S7 edge ....

Maybe that's why mine is unlocked lol ...

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Do you have a Qualcomm version or Exynos version? There is a difference.

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bajasurxda wrote:

Dear T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7/S7E users,

I have created this discussion to make a central location for us to discuss unlocking the bootloader on the G-930T/G-935T.

For those who do not know what I am referring to, please read the following email to John Legere from myself:

Good Evening,

I am writing this email to you in hopes that at the executive level, T-Mobile will do right by their customers.

For the past several years, Samsung Galaxy devices on Tmobile have shipped with an unlocked bootloader, allowing T-Mobile users and Android enthusiasts to run (and test)  custom software which helps better the Android community as a whole. For me, this was the one and only reason I left Verizon Wireless years ago, so that I could continue to enjoy my device and test applications freely on  T-Mobile.

This brought thousands of other Verizon and AT&T customers over as well, as we had all believed in John Legere and his "Uncarrier" mission. Sadly, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Tmobile users have lost the ability to OEM unlock their device and have joined the ranks of Verizon and AT&T.

I am writing to you urging you to do right by your customers and unlock the Galaxy S7/Edge. However small the root user community may be, we tend to be the loudest and most passionate Android users in the world. If we cannot unlock our devices through T-Mobile, we will be forced to go elsewhere. This would be a sad day for tmobile considering many of your own employees belong to this community.

I know this cannot be high on the list of action items your team has on their plate, however I urge you to do right by us and do what needs to be done to put this to rest.  Please do not join the ranks of Verizon and AT&T by allowing these devices to be locked down like fort Knox.


Mike D.
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IM also close looking at att/even though i dont own s7 anymore. if unlocked was easier, we wouldnt need to spend time asking for weeks to unlock

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@notethis your unlock issue is different than what they are talking about

in this thread. They want the bootloader unlocked so they can install a

custom ROM, what you are referring to is a carrier SIM lock which is

completely different.

T-Mobile has say with the manufacturer regarding SIM locks. With the

bootloader that is determined by the manufacturer even though there are

some in this thread that believe T-Mobile has a say in that, but that logic

in my opinion doesn't hold water since some devices the bootloader is

unlocked so why would T-Mobile lock some and not others. Like on the Sony

Z3, which I know for a fact it was Sony that locked the bootloader not


Bumping for hope

With the new Nougat, does anyone know if we are still bootloader locked?