T-Mobile identifies my phone as the wrong device.

  • 24 March 2023
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I've got an unlocked, black, 512G S23 Ultra that T-Mobile, both by app and when I called them,  identifies as a 256G Green S23 Ultra.  However, they correctly list it on the purchase agreement.  Others have had similar problems.  Anyone get it fixed? 

1 reply

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It makes no difference in how your device performs on the network.  The identification for non-T-Mobile purchased devices has pretty much always been incorrect.  My T-Mobile green s23 Ultra 512GB shows up normal but my girlfriend's lime s23 Ultra 1TB she purchased from Samsung shows up as a black s23 Ultra 256GB.  Again.  No matter what your device is identified as in your account, it will still perform exactly the same as a device purchased from T-Mobile.