T-Mobile Revvl Plus+ Q&A

Hello everyone. The TIMEBANDIT here. If anyone has questions about the topic i am posteing just ask away. I have very good solutions for the revvl plus that can make your expericance with the device much more enjoyable. I am a Tech-Master of 30 years. I have an IQ of 246.

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One in possibly six people on this earth with an IQ of 246 and you grace us with your presence and boast about it.

...but misspell "posting" 😀

Not saying you don't have good information available for folks, but there's no need to boast about smarticles here.  We like to think we're all ordinary people (except Sami -- she knows she's awesome and extraordinary)

Number one, my fingers are too big for my keyboard number two, the voice recognition on my phone is inaccurate, number three you should never assume what you do not know. You assume that there are six. What about the unknowns? I do not boast. I tell the truth. Thankyou for your not so informed reply.

I have this phone and the always on display isn't In the display settings for the lockscreen to always have a clock when off