T-mobile techs clueless about Google blocking devices that are not certified by Google.


If a device isn’t certified by Google, it will no longer be able to use Google apps.

Apparently T-Mobile sold me a phone that is not certified by Google.  The OnePlus 6T

Google is blocking devices that are not certified by Google. 

Which basically means Google doesn’t have a record of the Android compatibility test results.

​​​​​If you discover one of your apps is not working properly. If you hold down the app until you get options and you select app info. Select advanced options at the bottom, select app details, and get this message "this app isn't compatible with your device anymore, contact the developers for more info" 

Google warned that eventually all of their apps including Messages won’t work on uncertified devices after some time. 

Or that you cannot even bring up Netflix or Disney plus on the Google app store. 

Chances are your phone is on the list of uncertified devices. 

Check to see if your phone has been certified with Google play store.


If anybody knows an effective way to get this resolved PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 

I've talked to 5 T-Mobile techs and 1-oneplus tech as well as emailing OnePlus. 

I seem to know more about the issue than they do. And there response seems to be deny or minimize the issue. Or suggest I give them more money by upgrading to a new phone. Why should I pay up for the negligence? 






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It's o.k. there's an option for de-selecting ‘require certification’ in your phone's ‘google account' section, on the security tab. I bring my own phone, rooted from Vietnam (computer nerd) So mine rarely ever pass valid certification. - also, if on standard or flagship phones, unselect auto daylight savings time, and dial your date back a year. Save, exit, restart phone, and then undo it.. I know, it sounds stupid. The date can hang up, and make the phone think the certificates won't be valid for 10yrs/100yrs, etc. I wouldn't mention it if I hadn't gotten a few repairs that were just a disoriented device. 🤷🏻

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How long have you had this phone?  I ask because this was a issue back in 20 so you should have been aware of these problems before now. Is this a recent purchase or did you just wait until now to address this isue?


I purchased this phone brand new from T-Mobile in April 2019