T-Mobile Tuesday App will no longer work on my Android 5.1.1 LG Leon

  • 10 September 2020
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Every Tuesday AM I religiously open T-Mobile Tuesday App and redeem the 10 cents per gallon savings on Shell gasoline.  I have been doing this for years.  This Tuesday (09-08-2020), my “smart phone” advised me that my old LG Leon Android 5.1.1 system will no longer run T-Mobile Tuesday App.  The only thing I was able to do on my own was uninstall the app - which I did and now it is gone.  I tried calling 611 T-Mobile customer service dozens of times only to get cut off or stuck on hold forever.  Yesterday, I visited my nearest walk-in T-Mobile store.  The store clerk had no sympathy for me.  He recommended I purchase a newer phone with a newer version of Android that will run the app.  No thank you - I refuse to do that.  I will sacrifice my 10 cents per gallon off Shell gasoline and the other T-Mobile Tuesday perks I have learned to enjoy rather than be jerked around by app updates by corporations who disrespect their paying customers. 

1 reply

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If you aren't interested in upgrading your device

  Perhaps a more up to date custom ROM that might still provide you with a more up to date and compatible version of Android so you can continue to enjoy the perks.  As an alternative, perhaps a newer tablet as an upgrade so you have the best of both.