T-Mobile Wifi calling for unlocked phones

I have a suggestion for T-Mobile to work on that would be an excellent "UnCarrier" move. Work for a way to incorporate WiFi calling on unlocked Android smartphones. I know that there are many technicalities involved, but I hear that T-Mobile's WiFi calling will most likely become available for iOS 8 devices when they are released. Android currently has 52% of US smartphone market share, while Apple's iOS has 42%. Developing a way to install this feature on unlocked Android phones would be a huge draw for new customers! This could be even be introduced as a feature that is purchased separately from the plan, as a one time fee, or as a small monthly charge for a period of time to be added to monthly charges. These charges could help offset the software development costs. This would be another service that no other US carrier provides and open up a new level of "freedom" that no one else could compete against.   

With Android's open source nature, perhaps there is a way to incorporate the necessary internal OS elements needed to allow the installation of a T-Mobile WiFi Calling Dialer app (apk). This is something that has been discussed on such forum sites such as XDA Developers and other tech forums for years. T-Mobile did in the past (2011) release IMS source code to the Android community but I haven't seen any further push from T-Mobile in this area of development (IMS is the method used by T-Mobile to implement WiFi calling).

In my personal experience, I think that your service and value is the best by far out of the "Big 4" nationwide cellular Carriers. After suffering for years under unreasonably expensive Verizon contracts, and other sub-par prepaid options like Virgin Mobile and their almost unusable Sprint based data network, I switched to T-Mobile prepaid. I have been a  customer for 2 years using a Samsung Galaxy SII and in that time I have saved over $1300 (including the upfront cost of the phone) compared to what Verizon would have cost me, and I easily get 10 to 20 times the data speeds that I got on Virgin Mobile, and I get those speeds on T-Mobile with HSPA+, not even LTE!  I personally would love to purchase an unlocked phone such as the Moto G 4G LTE, a OnePlus One, or a Nexus 5, but Wifi Calling is currently not available on those devices. Being able to add the feature after I activated the phone is something that I and I'm sure many others would be willing to pay for.

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Agreed.  I would pay for it too!  In my office, I rarely get a T-Mobile signal.  Outside the office, 4GLTE all the way.  If I could get wifi calling on my unlocked Ascend Mate 2, I would have a signal all day long!

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Don't think it'll happen. With security and the amount of files involved


Agree that it is a great idea.  I have made this suggestion before myself.  I use T-Mobile on the OnePlus and it is great. I think allowing UMA on non-T-Mobile branded phones would save T-Mobile some money as it could take some traffic off the wireless network.  Also, I too have trouble using T-Mobile at work, and Wi-Fi calling would help a lot. All of which will encourage more people to switch.

This isn't just a good idea, it's something that they need to do.  They are losing money because of it.

I found out the hard way that I couldn't do WiFi calling on my unlocked HTC One M8.  I found out after I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T.  I also found out that T-Mobile used Verizon for coverage where I live.  My phone could not pick up that tower.  WiFi was my only option.

Long story short - I was with T-Mobile for about an hour.  I had to port back to AT&T 😥.  I really don't like AT&T.  If they could have added WiFi Calling to my phone, I'd be with T-Mobile now.

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The problem....  Manufacturers need to put the hooks in.  HTC and Apple have done this.

Also if you root your M8 you can put WiFi calling and it works like it was a T-Mobile version.  Hooks are there, but you need the system libraries dropped in the right places.  So far HTC is the only phones that has it like that.

Oh how I would love for this to happen.  This would be a really un-carrier move especially since they have the bring your own phone .... would just be one more really cool step

Does anyone know if I could use WiFi Calling on an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus?

It's literally a make-or-break deal whether I keep T-Mobile or not. I hope it's possible!

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Yes it supposed to be built into the OS to work with T-Mobile

I hope they implement it. I will port all my remaining 4 lines from at&t to t-mobile 😊

Oh really? It's supposed to be built into the OS to work with T-Mobile? That's awesome, but is there any official post somewhere I can find to read about it?

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I hope that they will implement it . If they do, I will port all my remaining 4 lines from at&t to t-mobile 😊

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cade wrote:

Oh really? It's supposed to be built into the OS to work with T-Mobile? That's awesome, but is there any official post somewhere I can find to read about it?

Wi-Fi calling: Apple iPhone 6 Plus | T-Mobile Support

Wi-Fi calling: Apple iPhone 6

There is Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge SM-G935U.