Text Message Issues - Galaxy S Phone/Galaxy S Tab

  • 12 July 2021
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Hoping that someone can assist with an issue sending texts from my Galaxy Tab S7, which is connected to my T-Mobile Galaxy S20+ phone. I've had the tablet for almost a year and everything had been working well. Recently, however, when I send some (see next paragraph!) texts from the tablet, it shows that it has not sent, with an exclamation point/error next to a grayed out message. Most of the time, when I check my phone, the text actually has gone through. But it's annoying not to see messages working properly on the tablet.

As additional info, I posted this on a Samsung forum and went back-and-forth with some users to troubleshoot.  Eventually, we isolated this as a likely T-Mobile issue because texting on the tablet works properly when I’m sending to another T-Mobile user, but gives the failure message when I send to anyone on another carrier.  I also have seen two other threads (one here and one on the Samsung forum) where T-Mobile users are having the exact same issue.  But no one has posted a solution.

Can anyone help?  Many thanks...

1 reply


In case anyone experiences the same issue and discovers this thread, I stumbled into a fix - or at least something that is working for the moment.  On both the phone and tablet, I switched from the stock Samsung messaging app to Google Messages.  After linking the two, everything started working again.  It’s only been a few days, but fingers crossed it’s a long-term solution.