Text messages are keep saying "message not sent" on my Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 (Tmo Variant)

  • 17 December 2020
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Just received my Tab s7 and have only been able to send maybe 3 text messages the entire time.  Not sure what is going on with it.  The APN settings are locked so I can test the settings.  Yes I’ve rebooted the device several times and still having the same issue.  It would be nice to unlock the apn settings to see if this is the issue.  However, can’t do much of anything without access.  Need help (better yet access) with this.  I didnt just get this tabe from Tmobile just to get on the internet.  Especially unsure why it doesnt have phone call function directly, but that is another story.  Thanks in advance.

1 reply

I can text just fine. Did you try going to T-Mobile store?