This phone sucks!

  • 14 March 2023
  • 3 replies


I have a revvll 5g and it is the WORST phone. I get  dropped calls, one sided text messages and this phone goes silent (meaning people can’t hear me all of sudden in the middle of a conversation! I have called and gone to the store for a replacement having to pay $5 however it still continue to happen. I went to the store on Boston Rd. Springfield and was treated  polite but thoughtless. The employees didnt seem to care after playing around with it only offering to sent me another phone with another $5 fee! I am already paying an outrageous monthly fee. What gives TMobile

3 replies

My husband has the same Revvll and I’m SO glad I didn’t get one when he did.  He hates it for the same reasons..  I would NEVER recommend it.  We’re STILL trying to figure out how to answer it at times. The phone symbol shows at the top but tapping or swiping does NOTHING. I’m now looking for a new phone but you can bet it won’t be a TMobil phone.  Samsung, Apple, USED... anything BUT TMobil’s phone brands


It is probably not the phone. There service sucks, even the people that have told me it was great service are now getting a taste of how crappy their service is. I cannot wait for Verizon to have a buy out promotion. Me and 8 others here at work are done with the lies and promises never kept.



I’m sure it is this phone.