TMo is and native visual voicemail

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They removed voicemail from my number completely. When they set it up again there was only one option instead of two.


I called T-Mobile customer service and asked for removing and adding my voicemail back. But same problem again.

I'm ready to switch to any other carrier. Done with this incompetent company. 

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I still don’t have a problem with my Pixel devices.  Exactly what plans are you guys on?


Plan is Tmobile One all-in.

Unlocked (not bought from tmobile). Which honestly I think the unlocked part is the issue based on what I’ve gathered, if it’s bought from them it seems to be fine. 

It must be Tmobile’s way of punishing for not paying them more. The Uncarrier.

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I have my from Google. I frequently switch devices and only buy unlocked. My VVM I didn't have a problem so far. I just switched over to the Max plan today and it still works. 

I bought an unlocked 1+ N10 5G and noticed my native VVM didn’t work. Led me to this thread. Decided to grab my also unlocked but cracked screen pixel 3a and insert my sim. VVM instantly came through the native app. Sim back in oneplus and no VVM.


I’m gonna say it’s either older Android OS issue or Oneplus and others issue. I could flash 10 on the pixel and test but alas i have real work to do now.


EDIT: it was also working on my 4a 5G but i gave that to my wife and shes on verizon.