TMo is and native visual voicemail

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I don't want to use TMo's app.  I'm sure it'll just have ads or do data collection or just otherwise be bad -- it only has 3.5 stars in the play store and looks to be filled with bugs.  You guys suck for dropping support of the built in android voicemail feature which worked just fine.

Ugh.  Stuff like this, my terrible reception at home, and the sprint merger make me think more and more about switching -- and I've been a t-mo customer for 15 years!

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They removed voicemail from my number completely. When they set it up again there was only one option instead of two.


I called T-Mobile customer service and asked for removing and adding my voicemail back. But same problem again.

I'm ready to switch to any other carrier. Done with this incompetent company. 

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I still don’t have a problem with my Pixel devices.  Exactly what plans are you guys on?


Plan is Tmobile One all-in.

Unlocked (not bought from tmobile). Which honestly I think the unlocked part is the issue based on what I’ve gathered, if it’s bought from them it seems to be fine. 

It must be Tmobile’s way of punishing for not paying them more. The Uncarrier.

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I have my from Google. I frequently switch devices and only buy unlocked. My VVM I didn't have a problem so far. I just switched over to the Max plan today and it still works.