Tmo S7Edge Brick

  • 8 July 2020
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Hello, It’s July 8th 2020.
I used my phone and went to sleep at 10:00PM. When i woke up at 1:00AM, my tmobile s7Edge was stuck in a reboot loop. I would see the Samsung screen, then the white TMobile screen then it would reboot and repeat.

I can’t get into System Mode, so I tried recovery mode. Finally got into that but a Cache Partition wipe and even a Data/Factory wipe don’t seem to let me back into the device.

I genuinely don’t know what happened while I was sleeping but now my phone is a brick.

What do I do now please?

2 replies

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This can happen when the internal hardware fails in some sort of capacity.  You could send it out for repair but buying a new device would be a better investment in the long run. 

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Before you buy a new phone, try hooking the phone up to your computer through Smartswitch and reapplying the last update just in case some errant update downloaded incorrectly. If that doesn’t work I’m afraid syaoran is right….new phone.