TMobile My Account on Android

  • 29 September 2018
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In the 6 years I have been a Business account holder, I have never been able to use the Account Info tab on my phone under TMobile It literally brings up nothing and I have never been able to do anything from my phone on the app for reasons unknown. Even though I am the account holder I cannot do anything to see my account info, see my bill, check device info......I have to use the website online and my account never shows a payment history which is inconvenient to say the least. Just another rant

1 reply

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That's awesome you've been with T-Mobile for so long but we certainly wanna make sure this is resolved for you. We'd need our folks to make sure you have Master permissions so you can take advantages of viewing all the options available for your account. What type of phone are you using and what software version are you running? Have you used different phones and had the same issue? I'm also curious as to what version of the app you're using.