TMOBILE Oneplus 7 (pro) Not compatible with Andoid 11 ONEPLUS Official realest

  • 5 April 2021
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Don't bother installing the OnePlus Official Android 11 on a T-Mobile Branded OnePlus 7 or 7pro as you will not be able to run the following:


1) 90hz

2) QHD 

3) stable wifi connection (drops constantly)

And if you do enable these after install your phone will become not only unstable with a black screen but good luck trying to login with a pin.


I confirmed this with OnePlus devs







6 replies



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I don’t have issues with any of those on my device.  I follow the main thread on the OnePlus boards, which is now at 212 pages, as well as participate in the FUT program for multiple devices, including with 2 OnePlus 7 Pro’s.  The issues you speak of, vary with a lot more issues factored in as well.  The main issues I have experienced are:

Notification Dots just stop working randomly, The phone screen zooms in for no reason that requires a restart to temporarily fix, the device actually feels a little sluggish for the first time, Dolby doesn’t work properly any more, speakerphone turns itself on and doesn’t turn off, earpiece audio comes out of both speakers, and some of the camera features cause the camera app to crash.  

I have not had any connectivity issues with cellular or WiFi, although the displayed signal is about 1 bar weaker than it was before the update.  Signal bar display doesn’t really matter, but the over all radio strength has been decreased.  Inside where I used to get a usable one bar of signal, I now get no service.  WiFi Calling works perfectly fine though.  

When I install updates though, I always install the full image, not the OTA package.  


I’ve tried every method of installing the updates (manual download, OTA, incremental, full, etc...full wipe) with the same zoom issues you speak of as well as the others I listed. When I put this in the forums on OnePlus they said that the issue was with T-Mobile branded phones only and this was back in March and has been evident on every beta and full they released for 11. Also I T-Mobile has the worst signal. I’ve had T-Mobile for over 16 years and now I have T-Mobile home internet and that barely works so I am considering moving to Verizon for cell (I have Fios already). I still have issues with them unlocking my phone and its been paid off for several months now. When I call to unlock it they have no idea and I just get the run-around on the phone (with them reading basically from the same site instructions it tells me online) which are non-existent since I have the oneplus OS installed and not the TMobile factory custom Oneplus OS.


Also TMobile home internet speeds are 40 down and 10 up for 60/mo which is absolute  even when you can get a “good” two bar signal.

Will T mobile be released android 11 for the sprint version of oneplus 7 pro 5G? 

My 7pro variant does not have a gear icon on the system updates screen. How do I manually push the android 11 file to my device without being rooted?

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My 7pro variant does not have a gear icon on the system updates screen. How do I manually push the android 11 file to my device without being rooted?

You can't.