Tmobile Tuesday App


I tried to use my Tmobile app to redeem a reward for being a nurse. The  page to enter my name and demographic data was impossible to use on my phone. I even tried to use the desktop version to enter my info but was unable to enter the info in the boxes. The page size kept altering and when I zoomed back the cursor was immobile. After multiple attempts I went to my laptop, but of course I don’t have access to the app. I can’t even email customer support. I was very disappointed that I was unable to redeem the reward for being a nurse. It looked like a nice benefit.

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I even got verified by sheer I’d and it denies there being a promotion

Frustrating, I am a nurse and having the same problem and unable to enter information. Starting to think T Mobile Tuesday and maybe T Mobile not worth it anymore. They used to save money and be fun, but now same as the other providers.