TMobile Update Bricked my S8+


Update applied yesterday and now I am unable to get past the lock screen.  I can type, but when clicking “okay”, it never logs in and goes back to sleep.  Only by hard boot can I log in.  I use this device for work (I’m in IT and on call 24/7) and I don’t want to do a factory wipe of the device and be forced to reinstall all the corporate apps.  Prior to this, the phone did everything I needed to do, so I am not keen on having to upgrade the phone either.  Anyone have any idea what I can do to either roll back the update or otherwise get back to a working device?

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check Samsungs site to see if they have a tool to roll it back..keep in mind that if they DO have a way to do it its going to fully wipe your phone anyways. so you might try booting the phone into safe mode to see if it fixes anything..and possibly performing a cache wipe on the phone to see if that fixes anything or not.


UPDATE: after a hard boot the device, I re-setup the fingerprint scan and now I can wake the device using that, but its just a workaround - keying in the code still does not work