Tmobile update caused Galaxy S9 Home screen to go blank

  • 23 November 2020
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Last night, 11/22/20 my S9 downloaded the automatic update and when it came back up, the home screen is totally blank. All my organizational folders are all gone along with all the website shortcuts I had. I checked and the apps are not hidden and it allows me to add them back but I don't remember everything that was there off the top of my head plus I would REALLY rather not start all over if I don't have to. I posted on the S9 Reddit sub and a couple of other users had the same issue so it isn't just me. I tried to restore just the home screen apps from my backup but that changed nothing except my wallpaper. I have never had issues after an update before so I am clueless and I know you can't rollback the update like you can on a PC. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

61 replies

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Same issue here on my Galaxy S9. What the fuck is TMO thinking? Didn’t they test this shitty update before rolling this out. Disgusting fucking idiots.

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I'm in the same boat with ya, so frustrated that I'm going to spend all morning resetting everything. 

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Galaxy S9 and same issue.  will probably have to reset all my icons and widgets.  T-Mobile should be able to get this fixed so no one else is effected by this issue.

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Same problem here with Note 9.

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I called to see what the deal was... We as told they could have a tech from Samsung call me. It was fine before the T-Mobile update! 

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I have a S9+ and my screen went blank also.  This is very frustrating.  Is there a way to bring it back?

Same problem as stated in OP after applying the update this morning on a Galaxy S9.  Interestingly, my bottom shortcuts (favorites tray) remained intact, but none of the rest of my home screen shortcuts are there (on both of two pages).

Same issue as everyone else.... This is extremely disappointing and I expect T-Mobile to come out with a patch to fix this for us. Since Sprint and T-Mobile got together T-Mobiles service and coverage has suffered greatly.

I am experiencing the same issue on my Galaxy S9+.  The problem occurred right after the update this morning as well.  This issue should have not been rolled out to customer. 

   Had same thing happen to my S9 over the weekend after latest November update. Spent over an hour fixing it. Don’t expect T-mobile or Samsung to help you soon. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Apps → One UI Home and clear Data and Cache in storage
  2. Go to Accounts and Backup and restore only Home screen and Apps     

So sick of being forced into "updates" that "fix" issues. BS. They cause issues! Every widget & home screens are now gone.. 

I am working and trying to use Google maps & for some reason. It's now working, then I have people contacting me on offer up and I'm not getting their messages but I am getting the email notifications.. It's not just that our home screens went blank , it screwed  with our app settings as well..

Really tmobile.. You think we have nothing better to do than unscrew your crappy Mandatory "update"?? 😡😡😡😡

Same exact issue here. What a stupid error on T-Mobile’s part.

I was able to get my home screen back via Settings > Accounts and Backup > Backup and Restore > Restore Data. I then selected only the Home Screen, which also required selecting Apps, so I deselected all but a random Samsung app that I never use. That allowed me to essentially restore only the home screen back to what it was in October, and I only changed a couple things since then, so not bad. This obviously only works if you have a data backup.

Again, a stupid failure on someone’s part in this update. This should not have been an issue.

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Yes, same. Didn’t see this thread before, so I started a new one for Note 9. I updated the phone today, and same thing.


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   Had same thing happen to my S9 over the weekend after latest November update. Spent over an hour fixing it. Don’t expect T-mobile or Samsung to help you soon. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Apps → One UI Home and clear Data and Cache in storage
  2. Go to Accounts and Backup and restore only Home screen and Apps     

I wish I could say this worked for me, but it only reset to the default home screen.  

Keep in mind, you have to regularly back up and sync to Samsung cloud for this to work. I think that’s where my issue lies.. I always had problems syncing my phone to Samsung’s Cloud service.

Same thing happened on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ [T-Mobile update notice, I accept, after reboot the Home Screen is BLANK except for the second-to-last app I installed], except 1 day later, which means they are still happily rolling out this SHITTY update that destroys your home screen. What the fuck, T-Mobile!!! Seriously, what the fuck.

    I didn't need this to happen to my fucking phone right now!

Worst of all maybe: POS Bixby is back and I cannot remember how I disabled it before! What crappy bloatware.

I've never hated T-Mobile before, never had cause to, but wiping our home screens clean (& continuing a rollout of a known bad update) is total hateful incompetent bullshit.

Wish I had seen this thread before I updated my S9 this morning :rage:   

SAME. Updated this morning on my S9, all blank screens aside from the favorites on the bottom. Spent an hour redoing everything. Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. We have been with TM as business customers for years and in the past 4-ish months it has been AWFUL. We constantly are not getting texts, then they come in a clump. Phone calls go directly to VM. And don't even get me started on the "wifi call preference settings have been updated" or whatever it is alert that suddenly had my phone LOSING IT'S MIND a few weeks ago. Had to figure out how to just silence the alerts. Never mind the screwed up billing that took me 3 months, 5 phone calls and 3+ hours to correct. Again--BUSINESS CUSTOMERS. This really takes the cake. Who rolls out an "update" with such a MASSIVE flaw? I sat on hold this morning for 20 mins and finally gave up. Just redid my home screens and I'll just hope they hold. Tmobile, get your house in order son.

I AM SO LIVID I COULD SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF SOME ONE.  Thousands of dollars for these garbage ass phones, a team of “experts” who couldn’t find a way to get themselves out of a paper bag!!!  I have been on the phone now for over 2 hours, with T-Mobile, Samsung, constantly getting disconnected after talking over and over again to butt fucking morons who have no clue what they are doing, missed work now and pay cause of this fucking ridiculous ass issue that magically thousands of others are having after shitty faulty updates and now all my shit is gone.  Nothing works, nothing provided in the forums work as a fix, I’m tech savvy enough and nothing.  This is what I am paying all this money for!?  A shitty phone, shoddy service and a bunch of degenerates who cant fix their own damn software!  I am loyal to Samsung, hate the iPhone but this is beyond ridiculous, every damn update the phone system is getting worse and worse.  FIX YOUR SHIT OR BETTER YET HIRE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT TECH TO DO SHIT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

Guess who’s never upgrading again.  


The original post was FIVE days ago. And T-Mobile being the wonderful, responsive, customer friendly, customer focused company that it is continues to roll out the update with no fixes. I'm so happy that my cell phone provider listens to customer complaints and provide immediate fixes. And they're just not concerned about the bottom line. Oh wait, it's T-Mobile.

The fix by Magenta worked and I was able to restore my home screen. 

   Yes, you need a working backup from Samsung cloud for this to work. Only other solution I see is to manually re-add all home screen icons. Really bad update that should have been thoroughly tested before release.  

Same on my S9 last night. Didn't even see it doing an update. Why does it seem like it's only an issue with the 9s?

My Samsung backup only had one backup and it was blank. 😡


Well, at least I get to clean up my home screens. 

Same. Just updated and now my S9 completely hosed. A lot of work goes into home screen organization. 

Next time, T-mobile, test your f*ing update before rolling out.