• 5 July 2020
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Why does T Mobile just put government tracking on your phone without our permission?  How can I turn off all tracking off my phone?  This is an infringement of our rights and we should have the option to not be tracked or listened to by the government. 

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I am not sure what you mean by, government tracking, so a little explanation might help.  What type of device do you have? 

Apps on Android and Apple are bad for data mining your devices for profit.  Pay attention to the permissions before installing anything.  

All devices for quite some time have a small battery soldiered to the motherboard and independent of the main battery, which allows your device to be pinged under the right circumstances, even if the device is off for a few days after the main battery has been completely drained.  Every carrier in the United States has an NSA server room that everything on the network passes through, no ifs, ands, or buts.  These rooms are off limits to even the CEO's because they are government property.  Google and Apple track you also, which is used mostly for marketing purposes. 

Every time you enter a retail store, they know what charge cards you have, how much available credit you have on them, and your info, just from walking in the door.  There are cameras just about everywhere as well when you are out in public. 

If you are truly worried about what the government or any of these large companies are doing with your info.  You shouldn't have a cell phone at all and need to completely live off the grid up in the Arctic Circle in an Igloo at the very least.