Trading an imported phone for another phone similar to my current one. HELP!

  • 15 June 2021
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I have a question, is it possible to trade in a current imported phone that is not from T-Mobile for a similar phone with the same brand? I was wondering about this and hope it’s possible since I need to have a compatible phone with my phone carrier since my current phone is not compatible, some apps won’t work with this phone… Please help so I can make the decision before I move to another phone service.

1 reply

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It all depends.  When you are in your account, you should be able to look at the device and see if their is a trade-in offer for it.  If there is, you can start the process to see if the device you have is on the list of possible devices to trade in.  If it is, then it will ask you for the specific model of the device.  If that is also there and the IMEI is clean.  You should be fine to trade it in when fulfilling the purchase with promo for your account.