Trying to set individual text notifications for family members

  • 20 October 2021
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My Google Pixel 3a XL won’t let me set any more text notifications for individual contacts after I set them for my immediate family members (4 contacts).  I have tried several different messages from other contacts but after I press the three dots, then Details, pressing Notifications does nothing.  Is there a limit to how many contacts can have certain text notification sounds?

BTW, my phone updated to Android 12 this morning.



3 replies

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usually that would be a limitation of the texting app itself. which one is it running? im guessing Googles..only time i have had the ability to change up a pluthra of contacts ring tones (and notification symbols) was back when i was using the Handcent texting app...i think GoSMS had the same abilities...Textra as well if im remembering right.


Yes, I’m using Google’s messaging app.   Darn.

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you can switch up to whatever texting app you wish but i believe you’ll lose out on things like read reports, sent, received etc (RCS=Rich Communication Services).