Two S9's don't have delivered, read, and typing info

  • 21 October 2019
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The two of us have had Samsung for a while now. I got her an S9 and still used my S7. We both had the delivered, read, and typing notifications (small text next to the chat bubble) in our text messaging. I just switched to an S9 and now neither one of us have any of the notifications. She happened to just do the new update as well. I am not for certain but I believe the Sept update finally got pushed to her.


In my S7 I had options to enable/disable the delivered and read option that allowed other Samsung users to see that happened on my end. I no longer have that option and neither does she. I am running the Sept update on Android 9. What am I missing? It was something we both used all the time.


Thank you all for your help and time!

7 replies

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Hmm that's odd, but we wanna make sure this feature's working for you. I believe you're talking about the Advanced Messaging feature. It should automatically be on, but you'll need to be connected to 4G LTE or Wi-Fi in order for it to work. Can you check the settings using our Advanced messaging: Samsung Galaxy S9 link to make sure those options are turned on for both phones?

Thank you Mike. When I go to the messaging settings, I don't have a chat settings category.

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Try Menu> more settings> multimedia messages> and enable everything in the list... "Show whether your messages have been read" seem to refer to messages you sent. 😕  Which is obviously unclear!

Hey @mr.travo 

Were the steps from @sweetpeach helpful?

I tried it and nothing worked. All it did was send me a message when an MMS went through.

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Did you restart your phone afterward?

Just checking in on the restart!